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Hope Squad

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TH Bell Hope Squad at the NuHope Suicide Awareness Walk in September

TH Bell Hope Squad at the NuHope Suicide Awareness Walk   

Students who serve on a Hope Squad have been identified by their classmates as trustworthy peers to serve as Hope Squad members. Hope Squads are comprised of students who are trained by our counselor's and staff to watch for at-risk students.  They provide friendship, identify warning signs, and seek help from adults if there is a situation that needs further attention.  They have been trained to recognize students that might be susceptible, and to let an adult know.  They are the eyes and ears in a sucide prevention program with T.H. Bell Jr. High.  HOPE Squad members are empowered to seek help and save a life. In the WSD, Hope Squad members have to have parental permission to be trained, and act as a hope squad member.  Our counselor, Mr. Kennard is the advisor.


Hope Squad Roster


 Sara Abueloun    7th                      Jackson Mitchell      8th   
 Teagan Bird    7th     Ashlyn Pierce      8th  
 Brycen Eskelsen    7th     Jackson Thon      8th  
 Kennedy Jensen    7th     Mia Thornock      8th  
 Paige Randall    7th     Monte Ward      8th  
 Eli Richards    7th     Sonya Bennion      9th  
 Asher Smith    7th     Gwen Bowthorpe      9th  
 America Solorio    7th     Alise Callentine      9th  
Leah Wade    7th     Leah Carey      9th  
 Julian Byrd    8th     Breckan Kelleher      9th  
 Logan Crookston    8th     Kyler Langford      9th  
Delilah Estes    8th     Madden MacQueen      9th  
Danaka Fowers   8th     Hazel Mills      9th  
Jenna Hall   8th     Carsynn Muir      9th  
Tanica Langford   8th     Kara Woodbury      9th  
Shi Mendoza   8th