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Minutemen Core Values



Integrity, Persistence, Committed, Valued

WE ACT WITH INTEGRITY:  Always do the right thing, even if no one is watching.  Always keep your word and be a trustworthy person. Always treat others with respect.  Always be honest.  Rise above.  Work to be a better person today than you were yesterday and help others to do the same.  


WE PERSIST:  Don’t give up.  If you fail, try again.  Help is available, but you need to learn it.  It is not supposed to be easy.  You can do it if you keep working, keep trying, stay with it, and don’t give up!


WE ARE COMMITTED:  No excuses.  Own your decisions – good and bad.  Commit to yourself.  You are in charge and no one will do it for you.  Learn from past mistakes, commit to the present, and control your future.  The YOU that you are becoming is up to YOU.


WE ARE VALUED:  Every Minuteman is valued.  You are wanted here.  You belong here.  Your influence, your presence, and your energy are irreplaceable.  We need to learn from you.  We are invested in your success.  We will support you.  We won’t give up on you. You are the only you in the world and we want you here.


WE VALUE EACH OTHER:  Every Minuteman is valued.  See those around you.  Take care of those around you.  Speak with kindness. Act with generosity.  Forgive.  Show appreciation.  Choose words that encourage.  Lend a hand.  Support others.  Every person in this school is worthy of love and every person belongs here.