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Picture of Mrs. Camp
Mrs. Camp
Counselor (A-K)
Picture of Mr. Kennard
Mr. Kennard
Counselor (L-Z)
Picture of Mrs. Day
Mrs. Day
Mental Health Specialist
Picture of Mrs. Robinson
Mrs. Robinson
Picture of Mrs. Dixon
Mrs. Dixon
Student Advocate (A-K)
Picture of Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Smith
Student Advocate (L-Z)
Picture of Mr. Boden
Mr. Boden
Options teacher & intérprete Español
Picture of Mrs. Green
Mrs. Green
GEAR UP | Tutor/Mentor





32210 ART I   [½]

This beginning art class is designed to present the techniques, skills and knowledge that will prepare students with the ability to formulate their own creations. It will enlighten students to discover their self-expression, creativity and sense of design. They will learn how art is important to their lives and to the world. Students will tackle problem solving activities through various possible projects, such as: drawing, painting, sculpture, and much more! By learning many artistic techniques, students will gain confidence and ability to construct their own creation. The symbols behind an image will be explored as well as the meaning behind one’s own artwork.  Students will learn how to see in a new and unusual way that will affect their lives forever.


43155 College and Career Awareness   [1]

College and Career Awareness offers exploration and preparation in college and career pathways focusing on jobs that are high skill and high demand, as well as satisfying and financially rewarding. The College and Career Awareness course is designed to help students identify their interests, abilities, and skills. With appropriate developmental information related to careers, educational pathways, and self-knowledge, students are able to begin to make college and career goals for the future.  College and Career Awareness is designed to acquaint students with the Utah labor market and the employment opportunities for which they can prepare by defining a College and Career Ready Plan.


52000 ENGLISH – 7TH  [1]

In this required course, students will work individually and in collaboration to read and write creative and informational texts. 


35210 SPANISH I   [1]        

This is the beginning course in the Spanish language.  Emphasis is placed on learning to speak Spanish along with some reading and writing the language.  Language topics include:  introductions and greetings, descriptions of people and your personal surroundings, time, school, culture of Spanish-speaking countries, weather and food.

35230 GERMAN I   [1]

This course focuses on understanding and speaking basic German, with an introduction to the culture of people living in German-speaking countries.  Language topics include:  introductions and greetings, descriptions of people and your personal surroundings, time, school, geography of German-speaking countries, weather and food.  This class is very interactive.  Students that participate will be prepared to take German II.



This is an entry level course that teaches basic skills and physical fitness through team sports, co-educational activities, and individual sports and activities. 


77145 UTAH STUDIES    [1/2]

Students will study the significant events, people, cultural diversity, and issues that have influenced Utah’s development from pre-historic times through statehood, and into the 21st century.  Studying and discussing current events will also be emphasized.


72140 INTEGRATED SCIENCE  [1]             

The seventh grade SEEd standards look for relationships of cause and effect which enable students to understand natural phenomena and allow them to make predictions. The ongoing search for evidence in science, is the focus of all investigations. Students will explore the following Learning Standards:

                1) Forces between Matter

                2) Changes to the Earth over Time

                3) Structure and Function of Life

                4) Reproduction and Inheritance

                5) Changes in Species Over Time


62107   MATH 7  [1]                        

7th Grade Mathematics focuses on four critical areas: (1)developing understanding of and applying proportional relationships; (2)developing understanding of operations with rational numbers and working with expressions and linear equations;(3) solving problems involving scale drawings and informal geometric constructions, and working with two-and three-dimensional shapes to solve problems involving area, surface area, and volume; and (4)drawing inferences about populations based on samples                                                   

62108   MATH 7 HONORS  [1]  

Same as 7th Grade Mathematics with additional depth and breadth on existing topics.




This singing group will participate in several concerts during the year.  Appreciation for many types of music will be emphasized, and development of performance skills will be gained.  Vocal technique, sight-reading, and music theory will also be taught through unison, two and three part mixed vocal literature. ($15.00 fee required)

32150 BEGINNING BAND   [1]

This is a preparatory class designed for students who want to learn how to play a woodwind or brass instrument.  The fundamentals of playing musical instruments will be taught.  Basic music notation and simple tunes will be learned on the instrument.  Woodwind or brass players must take this class or audition before registering for Symphonic Band.  Instruments are available for rent from local music retailers.  Larger instruments may be rented from the school.  The class will present concert repertoire in a variety of styles.  ($15.00 participation fee required)


This is a class designed for students who want to learn how to play percussion instruments.  The fundamentals of playing percussion will be taught.  Basic music notation and simple tunes will be learned on the instruments.  Emphasis is on snare and bells.  Percussion kits are used in class and taken home to practice on.  Kits are available from local music retailers.  The class will perform with the other bands as needed as well as present concert repertoire in a variety of styles. Solo performance and ensemble performance are emphasized as well. ($15.00 participation fee and $25 instrument use fee required)                  

32250 BEGINNING ORCHESTRA [1]                         

This course is open to all students interested in learning to play the violin, viola, cello or string bass.  No previous experience is necessary.  Violins may be rented from local music stores.  Violas and cellos and basses may be rented from the school.  Students learn to read music and produce a clear tone.  Students will review and learn skills necessary to move onto high school orchestra level.  Solo performance and ensemble performance are emphasized as well.  The class will present concert repertoire in a variety of styles. ($15.00 participation fee required)


This class is for those interested in learning how to play simple songs on the piano.  Students will also learn the five elements of music:  sound, harmony, rhythm, melody and form.  Students should NOT have any piano experience for this class.  ($15.00 participation fee required)


23744 SKILLS FOR SUCCESS  [1/2]  

The course will start with a focus on skill building and decision making.  It will focus on helping students transition into junior high by developing skills such as being organized, being proactive, effective planning, cooperation with others, and listening skills.  Course material is taken from “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”, as well as the “Why Try” program.

52014 READING 4 SUCCESS     [1/2]   

Students are introduced to a variety of strategies that improve decoding, predicting, comprehension, vocabulary, interpretation, and evaluation.  Time also will be available to support students with other classes.


Choose carefully:  Class changes cost $10.00



In accordance with Utah State Law, the Weber School District Board of Education annually reviews all fees charged students for various activities, classes, yearbooks, etc.  Fee waiver applications are available at the school office.

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