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WSD High School Graduation Requirements

  • Students need a total of 27 credit hours to graduate in the Weber School District
  • Credits are calculated from grades nine through twelve.
  • Students earn .25 credit each quarter for each class.   A class that has been completed and lasted a semester is a 1/2 of a credit hour.
  • If a student receives an F, NM, or NC grade for any class (required or elective), Credits WILL HAVE TO BE MADE UP! (Contact your counselor about make up options ASAP.)

Graduation Requirements

Computer Technology

Career & Technology Education (CTE) - AG, Business, FACS, Health Science, InformationTech., Marketing, Technology Education, Trade & Technical Education

Fine Arts - Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre

Financial Literacy

Health II


Math (I, II, II)

Physical Education

PE Fit 4 Life (no substitutions)

Science (in at least 2 different areas)


US Government/Citizenship & (Have passed the Utah Basics Civics Test)

US History

World Civilizations





Additional Requirements & School Admission links:


 College Athletes: 16 core requirements for Division I and Division II athletics – www.eligibilitycenter.orgDivision I Athletes need to maintain a 2.3 GPA / Division II Athletes need to maintain a 2.2 GPA in High School.


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