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OCTOBER 2, 2019


In attendance:  Dr. TJ Eskelsen, Jessica Mcafee, Natalie Bushman, Linda Fonnesbeck, Jacob Kennard, Lenn Ward

Welcome:  Dr. TJ Eskelsen


Elections were held and T. J. Eskelson was voted chairperson and Marcy Poehls elected as vice-chair.

Training on what a council purpose

Principal Ward shared the school goals.  Since Covid knocked out end of level testing in 2019, we don’t have numbers to compare to in years past.   Goals will show individual growth and progress in academic achievement in the core curriculum areas.  Our goal is student growth and progress as well as improvement in the number of students proficient. 

Teachers will be given professional development time to enhance our Professional Learning Communities PLC) and to implement the school improvement plan. 

Continued support with our academic student advocate through United Way AmeriCorps Education Initiative.  Advocates work with and assist/help students struggling academically. 

We have English reading and other textbook needs, and replace band instruments. 

Provide improvement and growth of student achievement through implementation of technology by going one to one with leased Chromebooks and Google licenses in the Weber County Ascend program.  Students are provided and assigned a personal Chromebook which they have at all times at school and at home to broaden the opportunities for students to integrate, explore and apply technology within their academic education experience.  Students will be able to take Chromebooks home to work on assignments and assessments.  Funds will also be used to replace, repair, projectors, Chromebooks, and other technology needs that are available and being used throughout the school. 

Principal Ward provided examples of how the Chromebooks worked out so well in the Soft Closure during the 4th quarter of last year. 

Mr. Ward also explained that T. H. Bell held a week of summer school for the 9th graders, and 55 quarter credits were earned during that time. 

Mr. Ward reviewed budget plan for this year. 

Additional class periods to reduce class size, additional teacher training and student advocate.  $45,000

Band Instruments $400

Textbooks  $1500

Technology Leases on Chromebooks for students $24000.  Repair, replace, Chromebooks, Smartboards, Interactive TVs and other technology needs $8000

Mr. Ward went over the Teacher and Student Success Framework (TSSA)

Purpose:  The purpose of the Weber School District Teacher and Student Success Framework is to engage, challenge, and support all students.  This will be accomplished through the efforts directed toward teacher recruitment and retention, teacher recognition and leadership, and improved student performance and academic achievement. 

The Community Council will help develop the plan.  Part of this plan was to hire a LCSW mental health specialist that is shared with feeder elementary schools.  Hire an additional student advocate to work with TSI students.  Continue our Homework Haven after school program, as well as our online credit recovery to help students be on tract to graduate.  (Edgenuity)  LIA and Hope Squad Conferences. 

Chair T. J. Eskelsen thanked everyone for coming, and gave the date of November 4th for next community council. 

Meeting adjourned.  

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