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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

September 17, 2009   7:30 PM    Office Conference Room



Agenda- Notes


            The following were present: Todd Kirk, Tammy Perkins, Ken Perkins, Curt Hancock, Becky Mitchell, Cindy Midgley, Shara Smith, Curt VandenBosch. 

What is Community Council?  Laws

            An overview of duties, responsibilities, and functions of a community council were discussed.  A copy of the state law on community councils, and LAND trust was distributed.

Review UPASS testing data

            TH Bell passed AYP!  Results of the No Child Left Behind were presented. CRT test results were also discussed.

Professional Development plan

            The professional development plan for the year was presented.  The First Days of School – How to be an Effective Teacher is the text for this year’s professional development.


Child Access Routing Plan

            A bus stop issue in Riverdale was discussed.  An additional stop in a new subdivision will be requested.       


            The third Thursday of each month at 7:30pm will be the regularly scheduled CC meeting.

Application for funds

            Application for the purchase of art history books was made by Mrs. Udink.   $225 was granted.  


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