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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

March 6, 2019    4:00 PM    Office Conference Room



In attendance: Chairman Thomas Eskelsen, Vice Chairperson Natalie Olsen,  Natalie Bushman, Brooke Dow, Jessica Mcafee, Amy Morgan, Ariana Sears, and Principal Lenn Ward.

  • Welcome by Chair Thomas Eskelsen
    • Reviewed meeting minutes from previous meeting
    • Turned time over to Principal Lenn Ward


  • Principal Lenn Ward  - Thank you
    • Mr. Ward thanked all on Community Council who were able to help out with our Accreditation February 13-14. We came through the Accreditation well, with high praise and a couple of items to work on, such as differentiated instruction in the classrooms and more emphasis of our vision and mission within the classrooms. The Accreditation team enjoyed their time with the parent meeting.


Review Final School Improvement Plan:

  • Teachers will be given professional development time to enhance Planned Learning Communities (PLC) professional practice with the goal of increasing student achievement and growth, as well as implementation of the school improvement plan. Our PLCs will continue to use data from assessments to modify and drive instruction which will improve and support student learning. 
  • We will lower class size to help decrease student to teacher ratio to give students more support and attention in the classroom. We will accomplish this by purchasing additional class periods depending on numbers of enrollment. $39,312.
  • Continued support with our academic student advocate through Utah AmeriCorps Education Initiative. Advocates work with and assist/help students struggling academically. $4500
  • Teachers will participate in continued professional development to enhance PLC efficacy, including in-school, in-district training opportunities as well as conferences and workshops to instruct staff on strategies to address learner centered problems. $2000
  • AP Geography class being offered next year. $2000 textbooks
  • Use Grad-path program Weber Online for credit recovery to help students on track for graduation. $300
  • Provide improvement and growth of student achievement through implementation of technology by going one to one with leased Chromebooks with Google licenses. This lease will cost $20,820 Students are provided and assigned a personal Chromebook which they have at all times at school and at home to broaden the opportunities for students to integrate, explore and apply technology within their academic education experience. Students will be able to take Chromebooks home to work on assignments and assessments. Funds will also be used to replace, repair, projectors, Chromebooks, wireless access points that are available and being used throughout the school. $4000


  • School Community Council Chair, Thomas Eskelsen, called for a vote on the Final School Plan for 2019-2020.
  • Voting approved Council signed Membership and Signature Form.
  • Mr. Ward thanked all for serving on the council, and appreciated their expertise and love of students.
  • A special thanks to those whose time on the council has ended.
  • SCC Chair, Thomas Eskelson, called for the meeting to be adjourned.





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