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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

October 3, 2018    4:00 PM    Office Conference Room




  • Jenny Olsen opened up nominations for officers
    • Chairman position was explained by Mr. Ward 
    • Mr. Eskelsen volunteered to Chair
    • A vote was taken and all were in favor, Mr. Eskelsen was voted in as Chair
    • A Vice-chair was nominated
    • Jenny Olsen was voted unanimously as Vice-Chair

New Chairman Mr. Eskelsen turned meeting over to Mr. Ward to run the meeting

  • 7 minute video explaining the purpose and procedure for community council was viewed by school community council (SCC) and opportunity to ask questions was given to the members.


  • The amendment to the Trust Lands plan was discussed to provide professional development for our teachers and for technology needs in the school.


  • Chromebook labs and 1:1 initiative explained
    • The TH Bell Chromebook labs are being used 84% of the time.
    • Teacher check out mobile labs for their classrooms.
  • Bonneville Cone Initiative increasing the percentage of studdents that graduate
    • Four years ago TH Bell sent over 40% of its 9th graders to Bonneville credit deficient.
    • Last year we sent 15% of our 9th graders to Bonneville credit deficient.
    • Explained the switch from APEX to Weber Online for credit recovery.
    • The number of credits recovered by teachers and the APEX program was discussed.
    • Bonneville had 90% graduation rate in the 2017/18 school year. All four traditional high schools had a graduation rate of 90% or above.
    • How we’ve engineered the schedule cone-wide to allow for more collaboration of teachers school to school.


  • Safe UT tip line
    • Mr. Richards put together an excellent presentation for students.
    • Explained how it’s been used and how we’ve responded.
    • Card with information about the Safe UT app was given to council members.


  • CIPA and Digital Training 
    • Discussed the CIPA training and the main topics covered in each grade level.
    • Discussed a presentation provided by Student Services within the week about internet and digital safety.


  • The meeting was turned over to the chair 
    • The chairman adjourned meeting. 

Contact information of SCC members were verified.

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