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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

November 8, 2017    4:00 PM    Office Conference Room




Members Present: Mike Waters - Chair, Lenn Ward - Principal, Natalie Bushman – Parent, TJ Eskelsen – Parent, Ariana Sears – Teacher, John Richards – Parent, Nicole Warren-Doman Vice Principal.  Absent: Brooke Dow- Parent, and Amy Morgan – Parent.

Welcome:  Mike Waters

Mr. Waters reviewed minutes from October meeting.

  • Mr. Ward reviewed school activities:
    • The activity for NO FUN party. Students will attend the movie Wonder.
    • Shared information and data from the Minuteman Core class success.
    • The Core class teachers received the E+ Team award at the district board meeting.
  • John Richards, our school counselor, gave an update on HOPE SQUAD.
    • T.H. Bell has begun to implement our Hope Squad for the 2017-18 school year.
    • Hope Squads are made up of students who were nominated by their peers as someone they can count on to help when they are having a personal crisis or feeling down.
    • The Hope Squad receives monthly training in areas of Suicide Prevention and recognizing others who may be struggling with mental health issues.
  • Nichole Warren-Doman gave update on Laker Leap.
    • shared with the success of APEX and Laker Leap credit recovery program that our numbers of 9th grade students on track to graduate continues to increase.


  • Review Progress Report for 2017-18:
    • Trustlands program is paying 4 teacher buyouts to reduce class size
    • Providing bussing for modified schedules to promote professional development
    • School tutoring program
    • Paying for student advocate
    • APEX program to help credit recovery
    • Leasing 36 Chromebook lab. $2200


  • Discussed upcoming School Improvement Plan.
    • Last year’s Trustlands was $63,514.
    • 2018-19 should be a little higher. Find out in January exact number.
    • Discussed need for continued teacher buyouts.
    • Bussing for teacher development
    • PLC’s
    • Chromebook Lease 10 Chromebook lease for Options class as well as black box locker charger.

Next Meeting will be February 7, 2018 at 4 pm.

Meeting adjourned.

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