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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

October 11, 2017    4:00 PM    Office Conference Room




Members Present: John Richards – School Counselor,  Mike Waters – Chair,  Lenn Ward – Principal,  Jennifer Olsen – Vice Chair,  Brooke Dow – Parent Representative, Natalie Bushman – Parent Representative, TJ Eskelsen – Parent Representative, Amy Morgan – Parent Representative, Ariana Sears – Teacher Representative, Nichole Warren-Doman – Recorder.

Elections: Mike Waters nominated for chair no challenges for chair position. All voted and Mike was re-elected Jennifer Olsen was nominated for vice-chair, no one challenged for the position. All voted and Jennifer was reelected.

  • Trained and reviewed the purpose of the community council.
    • Reviewed members of the council and how members are selected.
    • Discussed upcoming meetings. No objections to the dates selected. Total of four meetings scheduled for the year.
    • Reviewed councils’ responsibility – prepare and update the student improvement plan.
    • Reviewed “SMART” goals and how goals need to be written.
    • How LAND Trust money is obtained and distributed was reviewed.
    • Procedures for amendments and parent input was reviewed.

Time given to Mr. Ward to state and review the 2 goals: 

Goal 1: Students will show progress in core curriculum areas – by at least 2% Focus on learner centered problems – through teacher collaboration teams, and the evidence based strategies of using feedback.

  • How funds will be used to support these goals was reviewed
    • Teacher buyouts
    • Professional Development
    • Amended schedule for teacher collaboration time
    • After school tutoring
    • Student Advocate.
    • APEX program
    • Staff will participate in PLC training
    • Printing needs
    • Work with off track students for summer school “Laker Leap” program
  • Cost of programs covered

Goal 2: Provide improvement and growth student centered technology, increase opportunities for student to integrate and explore technology in the academic experience.

  • How funds will be used to support these goals was reviewed:
    • Lease a chrome book lab..

Funding estimates and expenditures was reviewed.

Questions asked by council members

Cone Initiative:

  • Graduation by Design:  The goal is to have every student  graduate.
    • Our school focuses on getting student on track for graduation when they move up to the high school by lowering the number of f’s, improving attendance, and increasing students’ participation in the “Laker Leap” program.
    • Discussed our school grade and how those measurements have changed over the years.
    • Discussed how our school plans to improve our overall grade.
    • Discussed student crisis line and how it has personally impacted the students in our school.
    • Discussed CIPA training – CIPA, Child Internet Protection Act – students receive training to stay safe while on the internet.

Discussed agenda items for the next meeting.

Discussed upcoming meeting dates and what to do if a member can’t make a meeting.

Opened for questions Meeting adjourned until November 8th.

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