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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

March 8, 2017    4:00 PM    Office Conference Room




Welcome: Mike Waters

Review of Meeting Minutes from last meeting:

In Attendance:  Mike Waters, Karlinda Smith, Lenn Ward, Ariana Sears, Karen Roylance, Jenny Olsen, Patty Camp, and Amy Morgan.

Lenn asked about vote for Laker Leap money‐ Mike responded that he would check the exact # (5 parents and 2 teachers, still waiting for Sharee Aldridge to respond), but everyone who responded was “affirmative” that they wanted to support the money that we would spend to support this program.

None were opposed. The motion to spend the money for Laker Leap passed.

New Items: Upcoming School Plan 2017‐2018


  • Reviewed Goal #1: Student Progress and Growth: using LCP’s‐ Learner Centered Problems and SAGE data, also using EBIS (evidence based instructional strategy) and Feedback. 
    • Measurement ‐ SAGE data looking for growth, and also focus on Feedback.
    • Action Plan Steps‐ Teachers provided with PLC time.
    • Provide student busing.
    • Continue after school tutoring.
    • Hire a student Advocate.
    • Continue with Credit recovery/APEX.
    • Professional Development: conferences, workshops etc. to identify LCP’s.
    • Work with USOE in Assessment to Achievement.
    • Laker Leap Program.
    • Expenditures‐ listed and discussed‐ $56,351 total


  • Reviewed Goal #2:  Student Centered Technology in the classroom to apply within the student academic educational experience
    • Action Steps‐ continue to pay for the Chrome Labs
    • Teachers becoming Google Certified.
    • Getting more access points in the building to handle the computer use.
    • Replacing bulbs in the projectors throughout the building.
    • Expenditures‐ $64,851


  • Carry over from last year ‐ $4,400 
  • Next year carry over‐ $3,063 
  • Question: We do a great job of helping students who are struggling, is there something that we can do to help the students who are at the upper end. ‐ We have the Math Honors classes, but is there anything else that we can add to the schedule that would be beneficial for students?
  • There is PLTW‐ WIC‐ however this is also very good feedback for us to think about as we look at next year.
  • Mrs. Roylance shared that they teach the 9th grade class as an honors class so that they show that example of good skills and discussion leading in class. They work to give those other students those skills.
  • Still wonderful feedback for us at the school and we will look into ways that we can incorporate this feedback in the best way.


  • Mike Waters ‐ Review of Next Year’s Plan
    • Need signatures on the plan‐ please check and sign
    • Also any objections on what was discussed and shared
    • All in favor‐ unanimous vote ‐ Motion passed

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