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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

March 12, 2014    4:00 PM    Office Conference Room



  • Welcome

Those present were: Julie Thorngren, Karen Roylance, Jodi Brown, Shauna Flinders, Patty Camp, Michelle Smith, and Curtis VandenBosch


  • Progress Report on current plan

The School Community Council (SCC) plan is progressing wherein we have provided for smaller class sizes by purchasing teacher planning periods.  We have had 6 late starts and 3 Planned Learning Community (PLC) days to date.  Professional development has focused on teaching reading throughout all content areas.  The SCC has money to spend and will review grant applications later in the meeting.

  • DWA results/CRT results

The DWA results indicate that we continue to improve.  We were (5 years ago) below the district average, but we have increased each year.  We have passed the district average, and have increased the gap above the district average.  We also show improvement in LA CRTS while the students attend T.H. Bell.  Our higher level math CRT's are good and are above the district average.  Our science and lower level math results indicate that we are below the district average.

  • Grants for Trust Land $
    • Budget

We reviewed the current expenses and the amount of money still available.  We have $10,000.00 to spend on technology or classroom supplies.

  • The following submitted requests for grants:


      • Science Dept. (Mike Wade) - Smart Board and 2 Smart Response system - $4559.37
      • Math Dept. (Cindy Chipman) - Smart Board - 2,500.00
      • Math Dept. (Heidi Hansen) - Smart Response System - $1145.00
      • Jenny Duke - A/V receiver for classroom sound system (replace) $275.00
      • Jodi Ford - A/V speakers for classroom sound system (replace) $200.00
      • English Dept. - Literature books for Book Club - $1,600.00


  • The SCC approved the purchase of 2 Smart Boards and 2 Smart Response Systems for Math and the Science departments.  According to as state contract through an approved vendor:
      • Smart Board $1,818.00 ea. Total of $3,636.00
        Smart Response System $1,986.00 ea Total of $3,973.00
      • The SCC approved $1,600.00 for the purchase of books in the English Department
      • The SCC approved $275.00 & $200.00 for classroom supplies.
      • Total Granted: $9,684.00



  • Next year plan
    • Goals/Action plan

The SCC wanted to continue with the same basic plan as last year.  This was to provide for smaller classes in core subjects by purchasing teacher planning periods, provide for classroom technology, provide time for teachers to have PLC time and professional development time with Late Starts or Early outs, provide funds for classroom supplies which help implement common core principles.


  • Signature form

 Signature form was signed by all present.  One member, Brook Winget, was not present.

  • Accreditation news

We will be visited by and external accreditation team on April 15th and 16th.  Members of the council are invited to come and meet with the team.  Exact schedule/time-frame will be determined.


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