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Our school

801-452-4600  |  165 W. 5100 S., Washington Terrace, UT 84405

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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

November 6, 2013    4:00 PM    Office Conference Room


Note:  The actual Minutes for this meeting have been lost to time.  In August of 2019, during a website update, it was realized that the actual Minutes of the Meeting were not found on Weber Tube where they were last accessed from.  The information below was on the agenda for the meeting.


  • Approval of last meeting minutes
  • Final Report, Community Council membership Form, Assurance Form all due 11/15/13

Curt will complete the report and submit it to the state.

  • Training Videos  
    • Earning for Education
    • Touch the Future
  • Adoption of Rules of Order/Procedures
  • Accreditation -
    • Parent needed for Nov. 13 early out meeting (approximately 1:00 PM).
    • Surveys
    • April 15th-16th

Budget Overview



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