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Media Recordings 

5/20/2020 - Washington Terrace -  As Mr. Breen and Mr. Porter retire this year, students at TH Bell Jr. High will not be suprised to learn that there were some changes in the way recordings were done over our careers as a teachers.   Mr. Breen was cleaning out his office, and realized he was in a unique position as webmaster to preserve some recordings that he had at home and school of student work as well as events that occured during his teaching career.   The following are recordings that were moved from video tape media to an online streaming format.   Many were broken into segments to make accesssing them easier across the Internet.  These recordings are mostly represented by assemblies, 7th Grade classes, (Technology/Life/Careers (TLC) or Introduction to Career & Technology Education ( Intro to CTE) or now College & Career Awarenessor 9th Grade Communications classes.  The recordings from the 2000's were already on Weber Tube in high definition and were moved to YouTube and the TH Bell Channel.  There were many recordings, and Mr. Breen only selected a few to represent the many.  There were some yearbook Ads and Communications videos that would have been fun to add, but the music in them made it impossible to post.  In the old days, most recordings were not kept, but recorded over by the last class to use the camera.   A new camera would be purchased over the years, and consequently, some recordings that were on the old camera would survive.  In a few cases, Mr. Breen was involved in making the media, and that is how it survived.  Enjoy the selection below as it broken down by year and event.

1986, 1993, & 1994 - Assemblies performed by Teachers 
Act 1 - Mr. Gary Smith - 2:31 Act 2 - "Heigh-Ho Whistlers" - 2:36   Act 3 - "I want to be a Cowboy" - 4:08
Act 4- "Henhouse 5" / Office Staff -2:28 Act 5 -"Chickens"- May, Dudman, Smith - 4:14   Act 6 - "Twisted Pfister" - 4:32
 7 -"A Circus Act - Teacher Tumbling" - 7:28 Act 8 - "Student Tumblers" - 4:53   9 - "Fashions from around the World"- 4:41
Act 10 - "The Pointed Sisters" - 2:50 Act 11 - "Just Eat It" - 3:58   12 - "Mad Scientist & the Machine" - 1:42
 Act 13 - "Greased Lightning" - 3:38 1993 -"Greased Lightning" - 3:58    1994 -"Monster Mash" & "Taking Care of Business"  - 8:20


Student Commercials - 7th Grade Technology/Life/Careers (TLC) & 9th - Manufacturing
  7th Grade TLC Commercials - "Super-bond Super Glue","Dead-proof Pills", Slurpy Paper Towels", "Doing the Arches", "All Star Wrestling", Zippy Clean Laundry Detergent", "Hollywood Beauty Shop", "German/English Dictionary", "Headache Pills", "Hour after Hour Hairspray", "Super-surf Hawaiian Punch", "Fatty Farm", & "Nose Hair Gum."  1987 -  12:24   Manufacturing Class - 1987 Ad that featured beat boxing by students.  We had made a product, and were advertising our product during lunches in the hall. The AD was played in a loop on a television behind us as we sold our product to the rest of the school.  The AD has a dream sequence. This has some practice footage too.  1987 - 8:28
7th Grade CTE Intro Commercials - 4 Different "TH Bell Hat " Demonstrations from 1993 - 3:17 7th Grade CTE Intro Commercials - 3 Different "TH Bell Hat " Demonstrations,  "Hot dog Commercial", "Hind Easy Pour Ketchup".and "Beyers Freeze Cream"  1995 -  4:40


Bell Educational Limited Limelight Award (BELLA) Awards 2011-2012 - 7th CTE Intro

  1st Trimester videos competing to get into the BELLA were: "Grab and Go Hairspray with Lady Gaga", "Pillow Book", and "Troll Pets".   2011 - 2:25

 2nd Trimester videos competing to get into the BELLA were: "Pro Pizza", and "Smarty Pants.  2012 - 2:45

  3rd Trimester videos competing to get into the BELLA were: "Magic Dance Spray", "Mime College", and Sover Energy Drink"  2012 - 4:50  BELLA vote 2011-2012 - "Grab & Go Wannabe Hairspray with Lady Gaga",  "Pillow Book", "Troll Pets", "Pro Pizza", "Smarty Pants", "Magic Dance Spray", "Mime College", and  "Sover Energy Drink"   - "Mime College" was the winner! 40 sec


Bell Educational Limited Limelight Award (BELLA Finals)  2013 - 2015 - 7th CTE Intro
  Winners of each Trimester competing in the finals in 2012 - 2013 were: "The Ugly Stick", "Young Spray". and "Parent Trainer".  5:48   BELLA vote 2012-2013 - was determined by vote on Breen's Blog, and this particular year it was "The Ugly Stick" that won. .40 sec
  Winners of each Trimester competing in the finals in 2013 -2014 were:: 1st Trimester - "Smart Spray", 2nd Trimester - Anti Cyrus Spray", and 3rd Trimester - "Instant Freeze". The winner at the end of the year again was determined by vote on Breen's Blog, and this particular year it was "Anti Cyrus Spray".  9:01  Winners of each Trimester competing in the finals in 2014 -2015 were:: 1st Trimester - "Money Tree", 2nd Trimester - "Famousse", and 3rd Trimester - "Attitude Adjuster". The winner at the end of the year again was determined by vote on Breen's Blog, and this particular year it was " Famousse"  8:57


9th Grade CTE - Communications Class Video Examples
 2004 Communications class Video:  "I Know What You Did" -   52 seconds.  A Selection of Backwards Videos from the year 2010-2011.  This was the introductory project in Video Editing. 3:11;
Mr. Breen also used to teach animation in this class.  Students would create characters with Paint and then we would animate them.  One of the first assignments was to make a character's eye's move, later we had to make them blink.  These would then be posted to a blog for others to view.  To the right is an example of this from a student named Brayden.  It was used as an example of what could be done for many years. Brayden Animation1 
 Videos of Classes and the School 1996 - 2013
The Pinhole Camera video concept came about because I needed directions to show students how to do what I wanted them to accomplish. It was hard to demonstrate to the entire class in a darkroom. Watch from 9:15 - 9:43 to see the halls in carpet. The video was filmed in 1996 -18:42 Random Shots of students at TH Bell Jr. High in Mr. Breen's and Mr. Palmer's shop or Technology classes in 1996. 18:49
  Students are in Mr. Breen's Advanced Projects class and were the first students at TH Bell to access documents through a computer network.    - 2:32   Project Lead The Way - Gateway  - 8th Grade Activity Where students had to construct Balloons during the study of  Flight from 2013 -2014 - 3:15


PLTW - Gateway -Design & Modeling @ TH Bell
  This was shot to show students how to set up their cars to the track in 2011 - 2012. The students 3D modeled their cars, assembled the parts in 3D, and printed out their technical drawings to make them with. They recreated their model in a block of wood, and then we collected data on the models. This was the Gateway Design and Modeling class today. Data was collected, numbers crunched and the designs were analyzed. 2011-2012 - 1:47


Shop or Technology Examples at TH Bell
  TH Bell 3D printing about 2011.  Mr. Jerry Nelson at the Innovations Center speaking 1:32    Mr. Breen Foundry Demonstration from 2016 - 21:52


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