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TH Bell Lobby during the Pandemic

TH Bell during the Pandemic

5/27/2020 - Washington Terrace -  Students at TH Bell Jr. High were not in school this 4th quarter.  As a country, an unseen enemy lurked outside our homes. People cover their faces with masks in public, and there is the rule of 6 feet which has to be adhered to.   There were additional stresses on families, as many business were shut down which  put some people out of work.  School work was all done at home, with your brothers and sisters all trying to do theirs too!  All of this was because of a Corona Virus that has been taking lives.  It is known as COVID 19.   

T.H. Bell, as a school, went electronic for the 1st time.  There was no instruction in person.  On the last day of the 3rd Quarter (Friday, March 13, 2020), Governor Gary Herbert, decided to go into a soft-closure as a state.  This meant many business closing.  It also meant having students "distance learn."  Occasionally a few students would bring in their new Chromebooks to the school and quietly work  in the front lobby focusing on their screens doing work that their teachers had for them on Google Classroom or Canvas.    The halls of the school were basically empty except for the occasional custodian. Mrs Wadsworth-Smith and Mr Breen were the schools first website developers Everything went online because this virus has killed over 101,753 people in the United States and 353,665 at the time of this writing.  In Utah, at this time,  about 8,706 have become infected and 105 have lost their lives to a virus that can have many complications we are just learning about.   World-wide there are about 5 1/2 million people that have become infected.   Of these, about 2 1/2 million people can claim the status of being recovered from the virus.

When I made the decision to retire, we were still in school.  Classes were occurring.  As educators, we all thought that we would all be back in school; and we never were.  Our school never had a Lagoon day, or an awards ceremony at the end of the year.  This is the atmosphere at this time. 

I have been the only Webmaster for this school for the last quarter of a century.  As I write these last couple of articles for the website, it never occurred to me at the time, that this would be how I would end my career at T.H. Bell.  As you will see in the last post, besides trying to be fair, relevant, and a good teacher to students, that I did have fun as a teacher.  Teaching is hard work, and demands a lot of your time, but it is never dull, and can be a lot of fun as you will see in the next post with teacher and student media.  In my heart, I will always be a Minuteman!   Mr. Breen - May 2020

This was the video that was shared with students and staff during the Pandemic. 


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