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Mr. Ladeau with a verified 1 million pop tabs.

A 1,000,000 tabs Collected!

5/4/12 - Washington Terrace -  A million is a big number.  This is the point that one of T.H. Bell's science teachers was making with students when he started on a project with students over 13 years ago.   Students started bringing in their pop tabs to Science Teacher,  Mr. Ladeau, and no one was sure just how long the project would take.   They just completed bagging the 1,000,000 tab in April.  Mr. Ladeau, a science teacher at T.H. Bell Jr. High,  decided that collecting tabs from pop cans would be a great way to instill in students how big  a million actually is.  

This took students to actually count and verify the numbers of tabs in a bag.  The bags each had 10,000 tabs in them.  Students had to come up with methods for counting and verifying the tabs.   What made this exercise memorable for students was that it involved many of Mr. Ladeau's classes over time.  Students from a decade ago would come in and ask if he had reached the million goal yet. 

It is a project, that Mr. Ladeau used to teach his students about numbers, but it also showed students that some projects just take time and effort.  The goal was to donate the tabs after they were collected to Shriners Hospital to help expenses for sick children.  This effort attracted quite a bit of attention and a reporter a photographer came out from the local newspaper. Here is a link to the archived Ogden Standard Article.




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