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Newgate Mall - School Rewards

NewgateRewardsPoster2017Help our school win! School Rewards is an easy and fun way for our school to earn much needed additional funds.   School supporters shop at the Newgate Mall and the purchases are used to support the school. It’s that simple!  

 Newgate Mall is excited to kick off the 2017/2018 School Rewards program on October 11th. This year, the rewards program will be managed through social media. To earn points, your students and their families and friends will need to follow three easy steps:



  1.  Follow Newgate Mall on Facebook. (Like them)
  2. Take a photo at our School Rewards Facebook Photo Booth inside the mall (the photo booth location will be announced on Facebook, & will be different each month.)
  3. Post the photo* to Facebook, tag Newgate Mall and mention your school and #NewgateMallSchoolRewards in the caption

*A photo is worth one (1) point, opportunities for bonus points will be posted to Facebook.

Each month, we’ll tally the points and the school with the most points will earn $2,000 to be awarded to their school. It’s that easy.

Here is a a link to an article that tells of this seasons winners so far!


Do the Math. Receipts = Points for Your School.