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Mr. Womack views the Eclipse

Bell Social Studies teacher, Mr. Womack, takes in the view through his eclipse glasses.

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The T.H. Bell Staff that viewed the Eclipse

The day of the eclipse, teachers were getting ready for school to start.  Many teachers and staff went back and forth over the 3 hour period from getting things ready for school and stepping outside to view the progress of the celestial event.

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Mrs. Wadsworth-smith selfie

The School's Media Center Specialist, Mrs. Wadsworth-Smith, takes a selfie in her eclispe viewing glasses of the rest of the staff taking in the event.

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Closeup of the staff viewing the Eclipse

The event lasted from 10:14 a.m. to 12:59 p.m..  The time period where the moon covered most of the sun was just over a minute and the peak occured at 11:33 a.m..  In this picture, staff members observe the eclipse through glasses.  Mr. Sherman, T.H. Bell Science Teacher, had a telescope with a filter that many pictures were taken through and each staff member looked through.

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Colander Shadow Eclipse

Viewing the eclipse directly with your eyes will damage them.  Shade 14 lenses were needed to view the eclipse.  There were special glasses in the area which quickly sold out.  Many people viewed the eclipse with alternate viewing methods.  Using a kitchen colander was one method.  Each one of the holes acted as pinhole camera which allowed the staff to see many images of the crescent sun on the ground.

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