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Penny Wars 2017 Holiday Fundraiser


A contest between the grades to raise money for needy families within our school boundries to help out over the holidays.


  • Each Grade will have a jar located at the office, donations can be made before/after school at lunch and during M/W/F after announcements with teacher permission. Teachers can encourage donations on those days, and have them brought down
  • Students should bring their pennies to fill their team jars that will be located in the office.
  • Students should also bring their canned goods to the counseling center where it will be recorded, each donated item will count as 1.00 towards their team total.
  • Students should bring change to put in other team jars to count against that team’s total. Students may also bring in cash or checks, they should turn those into the office in exchange for a slip they may choose a red or green slip or a combination. Green slips are positive and can be put in their team jars and will be counted as pennies. If they choose a red slip the recorded amount will count as silver against the other grades total.
  • Faculty auction payments will also be eligible for slips, as well as Dodge ball registration fees. (If paid by noon of the 19th.)
  • The public is invited to participate ‐ make donations at the office


  • 12/8 Tally
  • 12/9 Leading Grade (cans not included) No Warm-Up Day
  • 12/14 Tally
  • 12/15 Leading Grade ( with cans) Hat Day
  • 12/15 $1.00 of your Dance ticket given to Needy Kids (counts for grade competition)
  • 12/19 11:59 P.M. Contest & Volleyball signups End

  Click on the document to open up a printable pdf.

Thank you for your participation!