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Electronic Student Handbook

Student Policies

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Eligibility Requirements

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Hall & Passing Time Behavior Things not to bring to school Safe & Drug Free Schools
 Weapons Gangs Substance Abuse
Theft, Extortion, & Vandalism Arson Sexual Harassment
Harassment, Hazing, & Initiations Roughhousing in the Halls AUP & PDA
Habitual Disruptive Behavior Dress Code Discipline & Due Process





SCHOOL HOURS: Building hours: 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Students remaining in the building outside of these hours must be under the direct supervision of a staff member.



SCHOOL LUNCH POLICY: Students have the responsibility to conduct themselves in a respectful and orderly manner in the cafeteria. Misconduct may result in suspension of cafeteria privileges.All food items purchased in the cafeteria must be consumed in the cafeteria. Students must have their own identification and account number with them at all times. It is the students’ and parents’ responsibility to check their lunch account balance to insure that funds are available for them to eat lunch. Parents will be notified if their child’s account has a negative balance. Account balances are available at at the Weber School District web site-click on MyWeber.


  Lunch  Breakfast
Adult $3.50 $2.25
Student $2.30 $1.50
Reduced $ .40 $ .30
Free $ .00 $ .00





VISITORS AT SCHOOL:  T.H. Bell Jr. High School is committed to the safety of our students. All adult visitors must check in at the front office. All staff members will wear identification badges. School age individuals not enrolled at T.H. Bell Jr. will not be allowed on campus during school hours. Any individual found on campus that has not checked in through the office and is not wearing an authorized visitor’s pass may be cited for trespassing.



BUS TRANSPORTATION:  Weber School District bus drivers are not authorized to allow students to change buses or stop at unassigned stops . Students not on the regular passenger list will not be permitted to ride the bus. This includes transporting students for the purpose of attending personal activities. School conduct policy applies to students while riding buses, and violations of these policies may result in forfeiting bus privileges.




GRADING AND REPORT CARDS:  Each teacher will provide students and parents with a disclosure statement at the beginning of the class which outlines course expectations. A midterm grade will be mailed home to parents. Progress reports will be continually available online through the district’s information portal (MyWeber). At the end of each term, students will receive a report card showing progress in each class.




CITIZENSHIP GRADES:  A citizenship grade will accompany the academic grade each term. Citizenship grading guidelines have been established according to teacher expectations in order to achieve consistency among teachers as they evaluate students. The purpose of citizenship grading is to teach and assess proper conduct and to keep parents informed. Citizenship grades evaluate classroom behavior as well as compliance to school rules, attendance, and class participation. Marks given for citizenship grade include: “H” (Honors), “S” (Satisfactory),“N” (Needs Improvement), and “U” (Unsatisfactory). The following guidelines are used to assess student behavior and determine citizenship grades:


  • Consistently is a positive influence on classroom behavior.
  • Consistently shows respect to classmates, teachers, substitute teachers, guests, and school property.
  • Consistently follows school rules (i.e. dress code, safe and drug free schools, etc.)
  • Consistently brings materials to class each day.
  • Consistently participates in class.



  • Is a positive influence on classroom behavior.
  • Shows respect to classmates, teachers, substitute teachers, guests, and school property.
  • Follows school rules.
  • Brings materials to class each day.
  • Participates in class.



  • Is disruptive in class.
  • Shows disrespect to classmates, teachers, substitute teachers, guests, and school property.
  • Violates school rules.
  • Is consistently tardy to class (3 or more times per quarter).
  • Comes to class unprepared and without materials.
  • Truancy.
  • Limited participation in class.



  • Consistently a disruptive influence in class.
  • Consistently shows disrespect to classmates, teachers, substitute teachers, guests, and school property.
  •  Consistently violates school rules.
  • Is habitually tardy to class (5 or more times per quarter).
  • Does not participate in class.



OFFICE GUIDELINES: Students may speak with an administrator or a counselor by coming to the counseling window and scheduling a conference.  Students will then be called from class when the counselor or administrator is available. Students that have office business should come to the front office windows for assistance.



SCHOOL TELEPHONES:  Office phones are for school business and student emergencies. Students and teachers will not be called to the phone during class. However, messages will be taken and delivered promptly. Please make prior arrangements for student transportation so the need for calling home is minimized.



ATTENDANCE:  Parents should verify student absences with a phone call to the attendance secretary. If students need to leave campus during school hours, they must be checked out through the office by a legal guardian or their designee appearing on the emergency information record. Students returning to campus or arriving late during school hours will check in through the attendance office before going to class and obtain an admission slip to class. Students determined not to be where they are supposed to be at the time they are supposed to be there will be considered truant. After a student is truant three times, they may be suspended from school.



SICK ROOM:  Parents should keep students home who are unable to be productive at school because of illness. Every effort will be made to contact parents when students become ill at school.Sick room facilities  are available for students until their parents come and check them out through the attendance office.




VENDING MACHINES:  Vending machines are available for student convenience. Vending machines may be turned off if students do not maintain the cleanliness of the school building and grounds. The office will  not provide change or be responsible for students who lose money in the vending machines.



LOCKERS:  Lockers will be assigned at registration, and students are responsible for them for the duration of the year. Students will not share the combination or the locker with anyone.Students will be charged $5.00 for combination changes or locker reassignments.Lockers are provided for the convenience of students and are the property of Weber School District. Students vandalizing, writing graffiti, using adhesive that may damage the locker, or misusing their lockers will be assessed fines and/or may forfeit their locker privileges. Lockers are subject to periodic inspection and must be  free from inappropriate pictures, graffiti, or controlled substances. T.H. Bell Jr. High School is not responsible for personal property placed in student lockers . Do not keep valuables or large amounts of cash in your locker, and do not disclose your locker combination to anyone.



 HALL PASSES:  Hall passes are required for students to be in the hall during class time.



 CHECK OUT PROCEDURE:  T.H. Bell Jr. High School is a closed campus, requiring students to follow check out procedures any time during school hours. This includes lunch time. Washington Terrace City’s ordinance requires students found off campus to have documentation from the school verifying that they have checked out. If students do not have proper documentation they may be cited by law enforcement for violation of daytime  curfew.


 TARDY POLICY:  Students are expected to be on time to class. Teachers expect students to be present and prepared when the bell rings so that instruction can begin. Student’s citizenship grade will be affected if students are tardy to class on a consistent (3 or more times per quarter= N) or an habitual basis (5 or more times per quarter=U). Students may have a conference with a parent and an administrator if the student is habitually late to  class.The student may be put on a contract if he/she continues to be tardy to class.



IMMUNIZATIONS:  Students are required to meet all state immunization requirements. Diseases that can be prevented by immunizations are an unnecessary health hazard to the students in the classroom and the school. New students to the school will be required to show proof of compliance with up to date immunization records. If a student fails to show proof of compliance, then they may be excluded from attending. Students can work with the school nurse to determine if the minimal required doses have been met.



DIGITAL MEDIA DEVICE POLICY:  The use of digital media devices (cell phones, computers, cameras, audio recorders,tablets, radios, CD/DVD players, ipods, mp3 players, etc.) has increased in our community and in the schools. While digital media devices are beneficial, their misuse may be disruptive to a positive learning environment and may infringe on the privacy and rights of others. If any digital media device is disruptive to the classroom environment, it will be considered a misuse of the device.


Students are not permitted to misuse digital media devices on the school campus during regular school hours. (7:30 A.M. - 2:30 P. M.). These devices will be confiscated if students are found misusing them during these hours. Mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players, video game devices or any other digital media device may be confiscated by any district employee at any time during regular school hours or during any school sponsored event. Students that are in the office for disciplinary reasons are not allowed to have personal media devices while they are in the office. The device will be confiscated while the student is in the office, stored in a secure area, and returned to the student when the student is allowed to return to class or at the end of the day. There may be circumstances when a device is taken away from a student by a teacher during class. Teachers may bring the device to the office where it will be stored in a secure area, and the student may pick up the device at the end of the school day. If the student has repeated offenses of the media device policy, the device will not be returned to the student. A parent or guardian will be required to meet with an administrator or counselor to discuss the misuse of devices at school before the device will be returned.Incidents will be documented and students with multiple offenses may be put on a school contract. Multiple offenses may also result in a suspension.


T.H. Bell is not responsible for damage or theft of any personal property brought on campus.


School administrators or designee may search digital media devices based on reasonable suspicion that they contain evidence of a violation of school rules or policy or if there is reason to believe the device may contain images or information that are criminal in nature. A device may be confiscated on a first offense if there is reasonable suspicion that there is information or images of a criminal nature on the device. A parent/guardian will be notified if a phone is confiscated under these circumstances.


 Misuse of a digital media device may be detrimental to the learning environment and is addressed in the Weber School District Student Discipline Policy (Including Safe School Policy). The policy’s purpose is to foster a safe, positive environment for learning.Behaviors prohibited by the policy include, but are not limited to:

  • Willful disobedience or violating a school or district rule (such as cheating)
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Defying authority
  • Posing a significant threat to the welfare, safety, or morals of a student,school personnel or the operation of the school
  • Inappropriate exposure of body parts
  • Sexual, verbal or other harassment




Student Government Candidates must have:

  • Maintained a 3.0 GPA or better for the current school year.
  • No more than 2 “N’s” and no “U’s” total for the current school year.
  • No violations of the Safe Schools Policy and/or the Drug and Alcohol Policy, or a pattern of misconduct.
  • No “F’s” and maintain these standards while in office.

Cheerleader requirements:

  • Only 8th grade students will be permitted to try out during the 4th quarter of the school year.
  • Candidates must submit a compliance and permission document signed by apparent/guardian.
  • Candidates must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA average at the end of the first three terms of the tryout year (8th grade).
  • Candidates must not have a “U” or more than two “N’s” by the end of the first three terms of the tryout year (8th grade).
  • Candidates may be determined ineligible if they have violations of the Safe Schools Policy and/or the Drug and Alcohol Policy or a pattern of misconduct.
  • Candidates must attend all tryout clinics.

Athletic Eligibility: 

To represent T.H. Bell Jr. High School as an athlete, a student must meet eligibility requirements as outlined in the Weber School District Board of Managers Policy. Those guidelines are outlined below:

Citizenship:  A student participating in junior high sports would be eligible with one “U”; or one “N” and one “U”; or two “N’s” for the previous quarter and current quarter.*

Scholastic: A student should attain and maintain a 2.0 GPA or better the previous quarter,or accumulative 2.0 GPA computed from the four previous quarters (not semesters) and receive not more than one “F” for the previous and current quarter. The printed report card will be the basis for determining eligibility. Incomplete grades, “I”, must be resolved prior to eligibility consideration.**

Conduct: An athlete may be removed from participation for any conduct that results in dishonor to the athlete, the team, or the school. Acts of unacceptable conduct, such as but not limited to, theft, dress code violations, truancy, vandalism, disrespect, immorality, or violations of the law, tarnish the reputation of everyone associated with the athletic programs and will not be tolerated. Coaches and advisors may set higher standards which must be followed.

Due Process: If a question arises as to a student’s eligibility, the athlete and parent have the right to a hearing by the Standards Committee and a review by a school administrator.Students must apply for appeal through the Standards Committee prior to tryouts. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of eligibility and apply for review with the Standards Committee in a timely manner. Students can submit an application for Standards Committee, which will be reviewed by the administration. If the application is approved, a Standards Committee meeting will be scheduled; if an application is not approved, the student will be notified in writing. The Standards Committee will make the final determination if an ineligible student may participate in tryouts. The Standards Committee may approve the student’s appeal and permit the student to try out, or they may reject the student’s appeal, at which time the student would not be permitted to try out. Students that have been approved by the Standards Committee to try out are not guaranteed a spot on the team/squad. Students can go before the Standards Committee no more than 1 time per school year.

Fees: Athletes who make the team must pay the “pay to play” fee before they participate in any games.

 * Current quarter is defined as when the term grades fall during the season.

* * Grade disputes must be resolved within 7 days of grades being posted.















ASSEMBLY BEHAVIOR: Assemblies are planned for student learning and enjoyment. Students are expected tobe orderly while entering the gymnasium. Students who disrupt the assembly will be removed and will not be permitted to attend the next assembly. A second violation may result in the student forfeiting their opportunity to attend assemblies for the remainder of the year.



GAME BEHAVIOR:  We follow the UHSAA Sportsmanship Policy regarding game expectations and behavior:

Acceptable Behavior Unacceptable Behavior

Cheer For Your Team

Positive School Spirit = + climate

Cheers that lift & inspire your players

Cheers directed AGAINST Your Opponent

Negative cheers = poor sportsmanship/ - climate

Cheers to humiliate or degrade an individual or team

Respect the game; respect the participants

Applaud during introductions

Using profanity, displaying anger, being disrespectful

Yelling or chanting, turning backs during

 Show concern for injured players 

Give a hand-up & not a put-down

Taunting, walking off, laughing or name-calling
Accept all decisions of the officials Booing, making derogatory yells, chants or gestures

 Treat the contest as a game not a war

Recognizing this is a game

Be a good sport; it’s up to you!

Refusal to shake hands or recognize good performance

Boasting or in-your-face attitude



DANCES:  Only current 7th , 8th , and 9th grade T.H. Bell students may attend a dance at T.H. Bell. The dress code will be strictly enforced. 



HALL AND PASSING TIME BEHAVIOR:  Students are expected to walk in the halls between classes and at lunchtime. Students may not run to the lunchroom, chase each other in the halls, or run between classes.Students are expected to use passing time appropriately. Students have ample time between classes to go to their locker to get needed supplies, use the restroom and/or get a drink. Students need to use this time wisely to take care of  needs and still be on time to class.



 THINGS NOT TO BRING TO SCHOOL: Students are welcome to ride their bicycles to school (for safety, when arriving on campus, please walk bikes to  the racks). However, do not bring skateboards, roller blades, scooters or similar items to school. For the safety of students, patrons, and staff, these activities are prohibited on campus at any time.



SAFE AND DRUG FREE SCHOOLS:  Every student has the right to attend school free from threats, bullying, extortion or harassment. Students who  commit these and other violations of the Weber School District Safe School Policy are subject to appropriate discipline and possible suspension and referral to the district. Fighting will not be tolerated and will result in the suspension of all students involved. Provoking or instigating a fight will also result in suspension. Watching fights is also a violation of this policy.



WEAPONS:  Bringing any weapon (including a look-a-like) is a violation of the Weber School District Safe Schools Policy. Those who bring chains, knives, tasers, firearms, bombs, any type of weapon, or any item that can be used as a weapon to school will be suspended and may be referred to law enforcement and student services at the district office.



GANGS:  Any gang related conduct as determined by our resource officer and the administration will not be tolerated. Gang related activity may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Wearing, possessing, using, distributing, displaying, drawing, doodling, or selling any clothing, jewelry, emblem, badge, symbol, signs, identifiers, or other things which are evidence of gang membership or affiliation.
  • Use of a name which is associated with a gang.
  • Designating turf or an area for gang activities, occupation, or ownership.



SUBSTANCE ABUSE:  Students found in possession of a controlled substance, including tobacco, prescription medication that is not prescribed to the student and/or is not in a properly labeled container, or any paraphernalia while at school or at school activities will be referred to law enforcement and suspended from school. Using, distributing, or being under the influence of controlled substances is a violation of the Safe and Drug Free Schools Policy. Violators will be required to participate in an assessment by Weber Human Services or an equivalent private assessment to remain in school  and will also be subject to suspension and appropriate discipline. Students who are in violation of the drug and tobacco policies may be subject to district level discipline and/or alternative education placement. E-cigarettes are considered to be equivalent to cigarettes and are prohibited.



THEFT, EXTORTION AND VANDALISM:  Any student involved in stealing, panhandling, begging, or extorting money or school or personal property may  be suspended and referred to law enforcement. Any student who destroys or defaces school or personal property will be responsible for restitution and may be referred to law enforcement.



ARSON:  A student involved in causing fires of any nature is in violation of the safe schools policy and will be suspended and referred to law enforcement. Students found in possessionof any incendiary device such as matches or lighters are also in violation.




SEXUAL HARASSMENT:  Any unwanted verbal or physical advances, inappropriate language or gestures can be sexual harassment. Sexual harassment shows disrespect for victims, whether they are male or female. Sexual harassment should be reported immediately. Students found to be sexually harassing others may be suspended and/or referred to law enforcement and/or Weber School District Student Services for disciplinary action.



 HARASSMENT, HAZING AND INITIATIONS Harassment is defined as unwanted verbal or physical advances or threats. The difference between fun and harassment is how it makes the victim feel. Harassment,hazing, or initiations of any type are not permitted in school or extra-curricular activities. Students guilty of harassment of any type, threats, hazing, intimidation, or initiations may be suspended and/or referred to the school resource officer  or Weber School District Student Services for disciplinary action.



ROUGHHOUSING IN THE HALLS:  Shoving, pushing, running, play-fighting, and other forms of roughhousing in the halls are prohibited at all times. Students who engage in such behavior will be subject to disciplinary action.



ACCEPTABLE USE VIOLATION:  Students and staff are subject to the Weber School District Acceptable Use Policy regarding access to computers and networks. Each student must agree to follow the policy on an online compliance document. Violations to the policy may result in forfeiture of computer access.



PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION:  Student displays of affection, such as kissing, prolonged hugging, sitting on the lap of another student, etc., are inappropriate in school and subject to school discipline with the administration.



HABITUAL DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR:  A Notice of Disruptive Student Behavior may be issued to a student who has engaged in disruptive behavior (that does not result in suspension or expulsion) three times during the school year or engaged in disruptive behavior that results in suspension or expulsion.A Habitual Disruptive Student Behavioral Citation may be issued to a student who has received a Notice of Disruptive Student Behavior and continues to misbehave.



DRESS CODE:  Student’s appearance must be appropriate for the school setting and students are to come to school well groomed and dressed in clean, modest clothing. These standards apply to all school activities. Students will not be allowed to wear clothing that may draw undue attention, disrupt, distract, or interfere with the learning atmosphere of school.


Pants will be secured at the hips. Pajamas, robes, are inappropriate for school wear. No clothing is acceptable that reveals underclothing, or excessive skin. Shirts, tops, and dresses must have sleeves that cover at least the ball of the shoulder (this includes during after school activities). Bare midriffs, short shorts, mini skirts, and spaghetti straps are not permitted. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must extend to the mid-thigh or lower. Pants with tears that expose the skin above the mid-thigh will not be permitted.Pants, shorts or skirts that expose the skin on the upper thigh must be worn with under-clothing that covers the exposed skin. For example leggings worn under torn pants or short skirts would be acceptable. Transparent or fishnet tights under torn pants would not be acceptable.


Any clothing that is offensive to students or staff is not permitted.  Clothing promoting or displaying sexual content, vulgarity, violence, profanity, or obscenity is not acceptable. Clothing promoting tobacco, alcohol, or illegal substances will not be permitted.


For health and safety, students will wear shoes at all times.  House slippers are not appropriate footwear.


Students will not wear head coverings such as hats, headbands, bandannas, scarves and hoods on jackets or shirts that are pulled up on the head, in the building at any time. Sunglasses, and gloves are not to be worn in the school. Blankets are not appropriate used as clothing or accessories.


Students who are non-compliant with the dress code will be required to call and make arrangements for them to change into clothing appropriate for school and are also subject to the appropriate level of discipline. The administration accepts the responsibility of determining compliance of students under this standard.


 After participating in the Ogden Metro Gang Education and Awareness Conference we are now aware that a few popular t-shirt logos and insignias are actually promoting alcohol and drug use. Any clothing with these particular messages will not be allowed at school. Gang related attire or accessories with symbols, monikers, insignias, or other gang identifiers will not be permitted on campus at anytime. This includes, but is not limited to, web belts and extremely baggy pants. Any article of clothing or accessory identified by law enforcement as gang related or which promotes illegal or inappropriate activity or involvement is prohibited at school.




DISCIPLINE AND DUE PROCESS:  Students found in violation of a school and/or classroom policy will be given fair,impartial treatment and their rights to due process and confidentiality will be protected.Students will be given the opportunity to tell their side of the story and disciplinary intervention will be appropriate to the situation. The discipline level is as follows:

  1. Warning/ conference with teacher/ administrator or counselor. Teacher will contact the student's parents to report and problem solve the situation. The student’s citizenship may be affected.
  2. Classroom time out (CTO). Parents will be notified of this incident and the student’s citizenship will be affected.
  3. Student will be suspended, parents will be notified, and a reinstatement conference will be scheduled. Student may be placed on a behavior contract.
  4. Student will be suspended and referred to Weber School District Student Services.

* Levels and actions taken may be modified at the discretion of the administration.














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