801-452-4600  |  165 W. 5100 S., Washington Terrace, UT 84405

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Office Staff

Picture of Mrs. Koopmans
Mrs. Koopmans
Head Secretary
(801) 452-4601
Picture of Mrs. Hirschi
Mrs. Hirschi
(801) 452-4615
Picture of Mrs. Orozco
Mrs. Orozco
Attendance Secretary
(801) 452-4603
Picture of Mrs. Hayes
Mrs. Hayes
Assistant Secretary
(801) 452-4602
Office Fax
Main Office Fax: (801) 452-4639
Registrar Fax
Records Fax: 801-452-4638
The office is the hub of the school.  We are here to help in anyway we can and love to help students. However, we ask that students go to the window before coming into the office.
If you need to use the phone, there is one located at the counselor's window for student use.  This phone should be used on your own time (before or after school, and during lunch).  If you are sick or have an emergency, you may come in and use the phone in the attendance office.

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