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Dear Minutemen and Parents:

Our teachers are hard at work preparing your online curriculum for the next two weeks.  You should hear from the teachers no later than Wednesday as to what to expect moving forward.  It is important that you continue working on those assignments that teachers put together.  This is not a break, just a different way to receive the information. 

Here are a few key things to be aware of:

  • If you need to access your locker to get supplies, you can do so this week. This should be a quick visit just to grab what you need. Due to the public health concerns, it is not appropriate to “hang out” at school, meet friends, or otherwise congregate at the school at this time.
  • Teachers have been asked to respond to students within an appropriate amount of time. All teachers are available from 8am – 1pm, but not necessarily on campus.  We have been directed to limit the number of people in our building – this includes teachers, aides, secretaries, etc. Some teachers are working from home.  If you need face to face assistance, this is going to be on a minimal basis and should be set up via email.  DO NOT just show up on campus hoping your teacher will be here.
  • If your Chromebook is having issues, watch for an email from the district for help. Students can also email an administrator to schedule a time to come get help.  Again, do not just show up as staff members are also being asked to limit their time in the building and reduce the number of people in one location.
  • If you need to come to campus for Wi-Fi use, we will have limited tables set up in the cafeteria. You need to email an administrator to set up this time.  There will only be one person per table, so it is not a hangout place with friends.  Also, Comcast does have a program to get Wi-Fi into homes.  Visit additional information on low-cost in-home internet.
  • All activities and athletics are cancelled. There should be no practices, tryouts, or other events associated with any T. H. Bell groups. 
  • All school facilities are CLOSED to the public for safety purposes. There should not be anybody on the fields or gym. 

Here are some useful links for finding information and resources to  help with homework: and


Breakfast and lunch will not be available at T. H. Bell Junior High during this break. The school district has identified locations that will serve a sack breakfast and a sack lunch.  Our students are able to go to Washington Terrace, Roosevelt and Riverdale Elementary schools for the meals. Starting Wednesday and continuing each school day, students may pick up a grab-&-go breakfast at one of these sites from 9:30-10:00 am; a grab-&-go lunch may be picked up between 10:00-10:30 am at the same site. 

Meals will be free, and we won't be allowing students to congregate and consume them at the school - they'll need to literally, "grab-&-go!"  

Please be safe during this time.  The goal of the school closure is to prevent the spread of this virus.  We all need to do our part to take care of our community.  Be mindful of each other and be a good community member.  If you know someone has needs, do your part.  We have an amazing community.  Thank you to our teachers, staff, students, parents, and guardians for their understanding during this time.  Together, we can make this a positive opportunity to grow closer through our strength for each other. 

Finally, one of the amazing teachers from Bonneville High School put together some keys for being successful online.  Review these to help you make the most of this time:

Online learning can be engaging and fun, but it requires your participation and self-motivation. You are in control to make the next two weeks fabulous!!!  

  • 1st key to successful online learning is to make a calendar, use a calendar app, or get some sort of organizer. As you start getting lots of emails from all your teachers, record the schedule of assignments, requirements and due dates for each class.
  • 2nd key to successful online learning is YOU. YOU need to motivate yourself to put in school time & effort each day, or at the end of this "soft closure" you will find you are scrambling and WAY behind! 
  • 3rd key to online learning is knowing the deadlines of assignments and completing them ahead of the deadlines!  So I recommend, each day, virtually check in with each class through google or canvas or whatever platform that teacher is using, just as you would if you were at school. Stay organized and on top of things and I think you'll find this is a fun and efficient way to learn.
  • 4th key is to reach out to the teacher or other students if you need help. Your generation is prepared and experienced in using technology to communicate with others. Don't sit at your computer discouraged. Initiate conversations to ask questions, collaborate with another student, check for additional online resources, email the teachers specific questions or post on their discussion boards. Just because you are physically separated from your peers and teachers doesn't mean communication has to stop. Teachers are still working during this "soft closure" and will be looking at student progress and will be available for help and question.


Lenn Ward

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