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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

November 7, 2018    4:00 PM    Office Conference Room



  • Meeting was started by Chair Thomas Eskelsen 
    • Reviewed Minutes from previous meeting
    • Minutes accepted

In Attendance: TJ Eskelsen - Chair, Jennifer Olsen - Vice Chair, John Richards, Amy Morgan, Natalie Bushman, Jessica Mcafee, Lenn Ward, and Nichole Warren-Doman.

  • Time turned over to Mr. Ward
    • Discussion about Safe UT App that has been positive
    • First quarter review
      • First quarter was good.
      • NO F.U.N. Party this Friday for kids that had no F’s, N’s, U’s.
      • Remediation program explained.
      • Student advocates & counselors, with the help of teachers did a round up with kids that needed a little extra time/help to pass their classes – a total of 70 credits were not lost by our 9th graders because of this push.
      • Credit Recovery discussed/explained – Weber Online is the new credit recovery program.


  • Reviewed last year Progress Report:
    • Power point shared by Mr. Ward
      • SAGE Score growth and goals for the future shared.
      • Explained that the faculty is working on choosing a guaranteed viable curriculum.
      • Our schools scores are well below the state and district average, we know we need to improve and we, as a school, are working on improving these scores.
      • What we are doing – PLC and RTI teams went to the Solution Tree training and the whole school is very enthusiastic about working hard to improve learning scores in our school.
      • Goals and action plan steps were reviewed from last year.
      • The money allocated for the upcoming up year will be $67,000.
      • Amendment to the Trust Lands plan from last year discussed.


  • TH Bell SAGE Test scores compared with district averages discussed
    • Concerned and possible explanations discussed.
    • The way we plan to respond to improve the scores for our school.
    • The opportunity for our school to go 1:1 with computers is coming.


  • Time turned over to chairman
    • Opportunity for members to share or ask questions was given.
    • The chairman adjourned meeting. 


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