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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

March 7, 2018    4:00 PM    Office Conference Room




Members Present:  Mike Waters - Chairman, T. J. Eskelson - Parent, Amy Morgan - Parent, Brooke Dow - Parent, Natalie Bushman - Parent, John Richards - Teacher, Ariana Sears - Teacher, Lenn Ward - Principal,  and Nichole Warren-Doman - Assistant Principal

Chair - Mike Waters: Review minutes from last meeting.

The minutes were approved.

  • Changes to vote on:
    • APEX credit recovery is not being used for credit recovery after this year and the district is now using Weber Online credit recovery
    • Band instruments will be covered under another funding source
    • District technology just installed 4 wireless access points, no longer needed in next year’s plan.
    • Approved sending the leadership team of teachers to Solution Tree PLC/RTI conference in October 2018 for additional training.


  • Reviewed Final School Improvement Plan.
    • Reduce additional class periods to reduce class sizes, additional teacher training and a student advocate.  $45,851.00
    • Modified Bus schedule for student for professional development time to enhance PLC and implement the school improvement plan. $4,500.00
    • PLC/RTI Conference in Salt Lake City. $5,600.00
    • Books and PLC workshop materials. $900.00
    • Lease Chromebook lab, Update and Improve technology, Replace projectors and other technology. $7,000.00


 2017-2018 Totals

  $2,546.00 Estimated Carry-over from 2017-18 Progress Report 
$63,908.00  Estimated Distribution in 2018-19
$66,454.00  Total Estimated Available Funds for 2018-19
$63,851.00  Summary of Estimated Expenditures for 2018-2019
  $2,603.00  Total Estimated Carry Over to 2019-2020

Vote to approve was passed by all.

Mike Waters thanked everyone for participating this year.

Meeting adjourned.

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