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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

February 7, 2018    4:00 PM    Office Conference Room




Members Present:  Mike Waters - Chairman, TJ Eskelson - Parent, Jennifer Olsen - Parent, Ariana Sears - Teacher, John Richards - Teacher, Lenn Ward – Principal.

Welcome:  Mike Waters

Mike Waters: Review minutes from last meeting. The minutes were approved.

Reviewed School Progress Report

Approved LIA class $200 for Hexbot Robotics kits to engage LIA students in their curriculum. Motion passed.

  • Reviewed School Progress Report Goal 1: Students will show individual growth and progress in academic achievement in the core curriculum area.
    • Our goal is 2-3 percent growth progress and 1-2 percent proficiency.
    • We will focus on learner-centered problems (LCPs) which have been identified by collaborative teacher teams (CTTs) using SAGE data throughout the school as a means to track academic student growth.
    • Our school wide PLCs will track all academic areas using a school wide EBIS (Evidence Based Instructional Strategy) of Feedback to help close student learning gaps.


  • Focus on Academic Areas:
    • Reading
    • Mathematics
    • Writing
    • Technology
    • Science
    • Fine Arts
    • Social Studies
    • Health
    • Foreign Language


  • Action Plan Steps:
    • Teachers will be given professional development time to enhance PLC Professional Learning Communities) and to implement the school improvement plan.
    • Our PLCs will continue to use data from assessments to modify and drive instruction which will enhance and support student learning through school EBIS.
    • We will lower class size to help decrease student to teacher ratio.
    • We will accomplish this by purchasing additional class periods depending on number of enrollment. $45,851.00
    • Our after school tutoring program will continue to help students in core content areas.
    • We will hire an additional student advocate to work with and assist/help struggling students in academics.
    • Use grad-path program for credit recovery to help students on track for graduation before going to high school.
    • Teachers will be given continued professional development to enhance PLC’s, including conferences and workshops to instruct staff on strategies to address learner centered problems (LCP) to further enhance curriculum.
    • Trust-land will supply funding to provide student busing for modified school schedules. Up to 12 early outs will be added to the school calendar to promote professional development. $8,400.00
    • We will use professional development, including conferences and workshops, to instruct staff on strategies to address our identified learner-centered problems. (LCPs)
    • Faculty and staff will further participate in the Assessment to Achievement training with USOE.
    • Printing needs for our curriculum. $500.00
    • General Supplies (Books and PLC workshop materials $1600.00
    • Purchase software as needed for technology reasons. $500.00
    • Total: $56,851.00


  • Goal 2: Provide improvement and growth of student centered technology in the classroom and increase opportunities for students to integrate, explore, or apply technology within their academic educational experience.
  • Action Plan Steps:
    • We will update and improve technology as needed.
    • With input from teachers, future technology needs will increase.
    • Increase Chrome labs as needed.
    • Add Canvas. $8,000.00
    • Total $64,851.00
    • Carry Over $3,063.00


  • SCHOOL Improvement Plan 2018-19:
    • 2018-19 Estimate 631 students $63,908.00
    • Purchase additional class periods to reduce class sizes.
    • Additional teacher training for teacher.
    • Continue to have a student advocate. $ 45,851.00.
    • Busing for students using a modified bus schedule to support our PLC training. $5,400.00
    • Weber Online Credit Recovery $2,400.00
    • Printing Needs $500.00
    • Books and PLC workshop materials $1,700.00
    • Purchase Software as needed for technology reasons $500.00
    • Music Department instruments $1,000.00
    • Technology: Chromebook lease, hardware, Equipment, Access Points, security system $7,000.00
    • Total $64,351.00
    • Carry Over $2,563.00
    • Total $66,914.00
    • Any extra money will be spent on technology.


Next Meeting will be March 7th at 4 PM where the signatures will be needed on the Trust-lands Report.

Meeting adjourned.

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