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801-452-4600  |  165 W. 5100 S., Washington Terrace, UT 84405

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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

February 8, 2017    4:00 PM    Office Conference Room




Welcome: Mike Waters

Review of Meeting Minutes from last meeting:

In Attendance:  Mike Waters, Karlinda Smith, Lenn Ward, Ariana Sears, Amy Morgan, Patty Camp, Jenny Olsen, Karen Roylance

New Items: Review of Trust Lands Report‐ Increase in funds for next year ($63,514)

  • Trust Lands Report:

All English teachers are being Google certified. They will all receive their own Chromebook labs. They must 1st pass the Google Certification test 1st and the district is paying for that through a grant.

Sam Bracken: My Orange Duffle Bag‐ His home life mirrors much of many of our students. 

He came to speak to the faculty and is working with a group of students at the school.


  • Goal 1: Show Growth and Progress Academically‐ growth goal by 2‐3% growth for progress.
    • Use SAGE scores to measure
    • Support with PLC’s and other teacher development
    • Lower class sizes for teachers to help with student to teacher ratio
    • Participate in USOE A to A
    • Continue after school tutoring program
    • We will hire an additional student advocate (make a 6 hour position possibly for next year).
    • Grad‐Path‐ continue with APEX to help them to get back on track
    • Class buy‐outs is $35,000, teacher trainings is $2,000, and advocate is $3,500, APEX and busing is $6,600, Printing is $500, General Supplies $1,200.


  • Goal 2: Student Centered Technology Academically
    • All academic areas
    • Measured through Smartboards, Chromebooks, tablets, wireless access points that are available and being used through the school.
    • Moodle is going away and the district is going towards Canvas to be more in line with what is being used in the colleges.
    • We will update technology as needed.
    • Computer lease $3,000, Additional computer technology $4,402, Canvas $3,000

Mike: Everyone in favor of approving next year’s budget: 7 in favor of passing the motion

None‐ opposed.

Next year both Karlinda Smith and Amy Morgan will be leaving the Community Council.

Any other items to be discussed?

Mike asked Karen asked if there are any teacher needs.

Lenn shared that there is one for Jenny Duke that we are already able to full fill using other funds.  

Without any other items of business‐ Mike adjourned the meeting.

Next meeting is March 8th at 4:00

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