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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

November 10, 2016    4:00 PM    Office Conference Room




Welcome: Mike Waters- date was switched due to funeral from 11/4/16 to 11/5/16

Review of Meeting Minutes from last meeting:

In Attendance: Mike Waters, Ariana Sears, John Richards, Lenn Ward, Alicia Mitchell, Amy Morgan, Karen Roylance

Not in Attendance: Patty Camp (Sub was John Richards), Jenny Olsen, Karlinda Smith

  • Meeting Agenda topics:
    • website and
    • Training questions
    • Amendment B
    • Review Progress Report 2016-2017
    • Discuss School Improvement Plan 2017-18


  • It was voted that Mrs. Rampton receive her new Chromebook lab-10 and charging cart (that was ordered) for use this school year. All voting members were in favor.


  • SITFO:
    • School receive currently 2.3%
    • Amendment B did pass, capped at 4%
    • This will go into effect July of 2017


  • Review of the School Trust Plan Report Plan:
    • 2-3% growth and proficiency in academics (areas, reading, math, science)
    • SAGE testing is how we have collected evidence
    • Overall growth has been shown and we plan to continue to show growth
    • Teachers will be given PLC and Professional Development moving forward
    • We will continue to ask ourselves what will we can do to help students
    • We will lower class sizes
    • Use Assessment to Achievement to strengthen our PLC’s with teachers in departments and use data to drive our instruction moving forward.
    • Use Student Advocate to work with struggling students and their needs with grades and attendance.
    • We would like to help the Student Advocate position become something that is full time if we have more money in the future.
    • In the past we have had 5 goals...we have narrowed our focus to 3 goals in the report. We feel that has been more beneficial for the staff as we focus on the overall needs of the school.
    • We have 3 buy-outs this year and we will need 3 buy-outs for next year. Those will most likely be spent in the same core areas for next school year.
    • We would still like to put money aside for busing and for APEX next year.
    • We bought new books for Physics this year. Next year we will have that money to spend on another needed area.
    • We will buy another Chrome book lab. This will benefit every academic area.
    • We will update Chrome book labs as needed- we can also look at labs for each department moving forward as an agenda topic.
    • The lab we leased for this school year should arrive before Christmas Break.
    • Minuteman Core Class- took the class to the Environmental Center to bond and build self esteem. Also helped to build some trust. Also took them to complete the Boy Scouts Rope course.
    • They have seen great success for these student so far this school year. They have also seen these students reach some of their own goals.
    • Shared the classes “F” data and their chart
    • 8th grade buyouts are being looked at. We will have Shawn, Mark, and Monique.
    • Also discussed BHS Leaker Leap and the money we needed to set aside to help to fund those students who will need to make up that credit when they leave.
    • We will be working to get all 1st term students who are already of track in to APEX to get started.
    • John also going into math classes to have students track their current progress to help "incentivize" that progress and help us to know where each 9th grade students are at.
    • SMARTBoards have been a great educating tool in the classroom for the teachers who have them.


Mike Waters- Review of agenda and next meeting topics

  • Items to propose for next year’s plan:
    • Smartboards and student advocate hours
    • PLC budget
    • Chrome Book labs
    • Next Year’s Budget Plan for the school year.
    • APEX budget/ Laker Leap

Next meeting date is February 8, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Mike Waters- asked if anyone had any question or anything else to share and then meeting was adjourned.

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