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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

October 5, 2016    4:00 PM    Office Conference Room



  • Welcome: Mike Waters
  • In attendance- Mike Waters, Jenny Olsen, Patty Camp, Karlinda Smith, Quin Henderson(Tech Services) Lenn Ward, Ariana Sears, Alicia Mitchell, Amy Morgan, Karen Roylance
  • Not in Attendance: Sheri Aldrich


  • Will be going over elections, Quin will review CIPA, also review Trust Lands plan, will also go over the SAFE UT crisis tip line.


  • Elections:
  • They need a chair and vice-chair- Mike Waters will was nominated as Chair, Jenny Olsen second and unanimous election.-
  • Vice-Chair- Ariana Sears was nominated as vice-chair. Karlinda Smith seconded the motion and it was a unanimous vote that she be elected to fill the position.


  • CIPA Presentation: Quin Henderson
    • iBoss filters are used by the district to monitor and filter all traffic that comes through the district and help the network to run.
    • The filter runs by grade and by school. There are also policies in place so that each school is safe. Many sites are blocked and students can’t get to them. Students can go to a teacher or school tech and ask why certain sites that they feel that they need to get to are blocked and if they are school appropriate, then the school can work with tech services to get access to that site.
    • Staff members do have the ability to search for certain sites through a safe, restricted mode.
    • Teachers are encouraged to search on their own and not in front of students.
    • Can students go to Pintrest? District will check to see if they do have access or not?
    • Safe search mode is enforced for students and they are not able to turn that mode off.
    • All other social media sites are blocked
    • The district also monitors those devices that sign on to their Wi-Fi and they also use NetSupport to monitor students when they are on the schools computers.
    • CIPA- Online internet Safety- The purpose is to teach digital literacy and proper usage of technology
    • The CIPA videos are how the district teaches digital literacy. (Digital Citizenship)- Common Sense Media
    • A place you can go to research apps- Students learn to manage their digital reputations.
    • The lessons are broken down by grade and are 30-40 minutes long. There are 5 lessons that students complete.


  • Trust Land Report/Review:
  • Goal#1 - Academic Growth
    • We met our goal of 2% growth and 1% growth in proficiency
    • Action Plan was to provide teachers with more Professional Development as well as lower class sizes and strengthen PLC’s.
    • This year to help our math number we bought out teacher preps to help lower those sizes and we also bought out an English class to help lower class sizes.
    • Some of our trust land money went to busing for students to help with professional development for teachers.
    • Some of our trust land money went to busing for students to help with professional development for teachers.
    • We also have an after school tutoring program that we continue to fund and we also have a Student Advocate who is helping to track students.
    • We are working with Assessment to Achievement through USOE to identify LCP’s for Math, Eng, and Science.
    • Money was set aside for printing and supplies.-


  • Goal #2: This goal was centered on technology
    • We spent some money on helping to get another mobile lab. This will give us a 3rd mobile lab. This cost was $8,000- We have a carryover of $1,600 from last year.
    • Lenn asked is there any questions for the council? He will need to send in the final report again soon.
    • We also sent out to teachers that if there is anything that they need they will need to submit a proposal to him by the end of the month. One teacher submitted a proposal to him.
    • She would like for her options classroom a set of classroom Chromebook.
    • The committee will look at what the cost will be for this class.


  • Shared Data: Goal #2- Increasing 9th graders online for graduation
    • 22.7% of 9th grade students were off track for gradation in 2015- 80 students or 43% were missing some sort of credit.
    • Improved to 16.5% students off track and 83% on track.
    • 41% improvement in attendance at school- Last year we started the Minuteman Core class.
    • 156 total F’s to 35 F’s in 9th grade.- Some of our trust land money went towards helping to do some team building for this class as they have gone to do a few activities with each other.
    • Shared BHS by #’s- where we finished last year in each 9th grade course and F’s.
    • School Grade Information- Improved in all areas, however because the scale for the state changed, our school grade did go down.
    • FTE Costs- the deficit from our credits- Laker Leap is a solution for 9th grade students to help to get them back on track.
    • Students who are off track will no longer be able to register for regular school until they are on-track.
    • Students at Bell will 1st have the option to complete APEX courses.
    • Then they can enroll for Laker Leap and duel enroll to get caught up.
    • Two Rivers will be the ultimate end opportunity to get the student back on track for graduation.
  • SAFE UT Tip-line
    • Last week we held an assembly and taught students how to download the app and how the app works.
    • This is a crisis tip line that is available should they need it or should they want to report something to the school
    • Lenn shared tip line cards and information with the council.


  • Next Meeting date is: November 9th- 4:00
  • Mike Waters- asked if anyone had questions and then adjourned the meeting.





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