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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

February 10, 2016    4:00 PM    Office Conference Room




Attendees: Lenn Ward, Karlinda Smith, Amy Morgan, Karen Roylance, Patty Camp, Alicia Mitchell.  Excused from the meeting: Mike Waters, Julie Thorngren, Mindy Ludlow, and Brooke Winget

Motion to approve the minutes form the last meeting - Karen Roylance made the motion and Patty Camp seconded the motion.


Reviewed School improvement plan for this year.

School improvement Plan for this year:

  • Goal 1: Students will show improvement in cor academic areas.
    • SAGE scores improved.
    • We hope for that again, but or main focus is to see student improve.
    • Teacher buy-outs - $28,500 (2)


  • Goal 2: Student Centered Technology in the classroom
    • Converting to the Chromebook labs for students
    • Action Plan - $4,000.00 will be budgeted for Smart-boards, Chromebooks, tablets, wireless access points, calculators etc.
    • Laptop conversion was $2,800.00


  • Goal 3: More Professional Development and Planned Learning Community (PLC) function and to implement the school improvement plan.
    • Action Steps: Trust Land money for up to 12 late starts and early outs for the professional development.
    • Teachers use this time to evaluate their goals, plan and collaborate.
    • They also reflect on progress.
    • $2,500.00 was spent in this area.


  • Goal 4: Common Core in all subject areas will continue to be implemented.  Teachers will be provided with extra materials needed.
    • Action Plan and evidence, with Math manipulatives, informational text, or other materials that promote reading, speaking, and listening.


  • Goal 5: Reduce the number of students who are off line for graduation as well as the numbers of failing grades.
    • Use Trust Lands money to purchase software and license for APEX recovery.
    • Evidence - The number of students who are credit deficit for graduation will be monitored and tracked.  The number of students involved with our recovery program will also be tracked.


  • Total Material Purchase:
    • Teacher Buy-outs - $28,000.00
    • Professional & Tech Services - $4,946.00
    • Physics Textbooks - $976.00
    • Chromebook Conversion - lab - $2,850.00
    • Summer Collaboration - cross curricular - $2,500.00
    • Choir App. - $372.00
    • Language Arts recorders, Mice, Calculators, Head Phones, 2 Smart-boards - $4,200.00


  • Carry over for 2016 -2017 - $3,974.00

Vote for the tech miscellaneous - Karlinda Smith motioned that we purchase these items and Amy Morgan seconded the motion that we buy what the teachers need for the school.


Look ahead to additional Goals for the 2016 -2017 school year

Goal 1- Reduce class size in core areas

Goal 2 - Increase the use of technology in all subjects

    • Increase Technology
    • Includes APEX

Goal 3 - Teachers will be given professional development time to enhance PLC

    • Modify school schedule
    • Busing


  • Shared our current percentage of students with a failing grade
  • Also shard 9th graders who were not lined up to graduate this year and last year.
  • Mr. Ward will have the report ready for the council to view.  It must e turned into the state by March 9th,  It goes from the school to the district to the state.

- Amy Morgan motioned to close the meeting and Karen Roylance seconded the motion.


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