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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

March 11, 2015    4:00 PM    Office Conference Room



  • WelcomeNote: The information below was added the next day through Chair Julie Thorngren....

 Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to give an update about our meeting yesterday.  It ended up me being the only parent volunteer, but Curt was there along with Patty Camp, Karen Roylance, and Lenn Ward (but he is not a voting member).

  • School news - Career Day, Safety Drills

 Just as an FYI, on Friday there will be a Career Day. The 7th graders will be job shadowing, the 8th graders will have guest speakers, and the 9th graders will have "Reality Town".  There is also a Safety Drill - a lock down, evacuation, and reunification.

  • Report of recent purchases - Smart-boards, recorders
  • Budget Review
  • New grant requests
    • Jana Patchett

There is still money that we need to spend before the end of the year and there were a few more requests.  Jana Patchett, and perhaps Debbie Provost would like to go to a Professional Conference.  The cost is $180.  All of us voted yes, but we need more votes for it to happen.  E-mail votes were all in favor Mindy, Michelle, and Brooke.

  • Curt VandenBosch

Also, Curtis VandenBosh requested purchasing 8 Samsung tablets and 3 wireless access points.  We all voted yes, but again we need more votes for it to happen.  E-mail votes were all in favor Mindy, Michelle, and Brooke.

Progress Report on this year's plan.

School Improvement Plan for next year.



FYI - Mrs. Roylance wanted to start a writing student recognition award school wide and each department would come up with winners.  (This is something she had already discussed with each department and they were all in favor of it).  She wanted to have a $20.00 gift certificate to give the winners, but we didn't know if Trust Lands money could be used so we will have to research into this so perhaps it could be implemented next year.

We will discuss progress report and next year's school improvement plan in April.



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