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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

February 21, 2013    5:30 PM    Office Conference Room



Those in attendance:  Jodi Brown, Curt Hancock, Al Ladeau, Patty Camp, Kim Clarke, Karen Roylance, Curt VandenBosch


  • Update on tablet purchase and calculators

Tablets were purchased and are being used - additional training for teachers is upcoming


  • Walkaway Wednesday

Our Walkaway program was explained to the School Community Council (SCC).


  • Financial Report

Expenditures for the year and current balances were discussed


  • Trust Land grant application

An application to send 5 teachers to the "21st Century Instructional Leadership Conference was approved.  Trust Land funds will cover the $275.00 per teacher cost  ($1,375.00)


  • Legislative update

The SCC discussed several legislative issues that may have a direct influence on School Community Councils and on education in general.


  • Plans/goals for next year:


  • Overview of School LAND Trust Program 2012-2013

The goals for the year were discussed.

Goal 1:  Students will show progress in Math, Language Arts, and Science. Progress will be measured by standardized tests (where                applicable) and/or other assessments.

Goal 2:  Provide for more use of technology in the classroom and broaden opportunities for students to integrate, explore, and apply                technology.

Goal 3: Teachers will be given more professional development time to enhance Planned Learning Community (PLC) functions.  Teachers will use the time to generate benchmark assessments which will drive classroom instruction.

Goal 4:  Implementation of common core standards.  Funds will be made available to purchase materials which promote common core                concepts.

  •  Plans and Goals for next year will remain essentially the same as last year with minor modifications including: 
    • Goal 1 - Trust Lands will not fund any TRAC classes - but focus on the core subjects. 
    • Goal 2 - Continued technology support.
    • Goal 3 - Additional Planned Learning Community (PLC) time will also include work on the school improvement plan & accreditation needs.
    • Goal 4 - To further enhance common core implementation materials, training, and conference costs will be included.


The school recently purchased 2 automatic electronic defibrillators (AED)

Notifications to parents, students, and staff in the event of emergency closures was discussed.



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