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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

February 2, 2012    6:00 PM    Office Conference Room



Those in attendance: Detra Waikart, Kim Clarke, Karen Roylance, Curt Hancock, Curt VandenBosch, Kate Vandehei, Erica Endo

  • Bond Election Info

Information about the upcoming bond election was discussed

  • Trust Lands Funds applications

An application for "60 inches of common core" was discussed. $1000.00 was requested to help purchase a big screen television, with speakers, and installation.  The project will provide a means for students to display their media projects as well as a place for students to be exposed to material from different curricular areas with the goal being to help them remember the essential concepts.  Mr. VandenBosch excused himself from voting (since it was a request from the administration).  The funds were approved.

  • TRAC Program - Mid year data

GPA's of students in TRAC were compared to GPA's while out of TRAC.  Data shed that generally students' GPA increased while they were in the TRAC classes.  Trust land funds are helping pay for the classes so the data is being tracked to see if the program is successful.

  • Next Year's plan

The school's plan for use of Trust Land money is due on March 7.  The current plan focuses on improving student' performance in core classes by lowering teacher to student ration by purchasing additional classes in the core areas.  The current plan funds improvement and/or additions in technology and technological instructional tools, and to assist in teacher professional development, and to help in funding with the TRAC classes.  It was also discussed about adding something that would increase student opportunities for applications of common core concepts.  The exact wording will be submitted, revised, and edited by committee members via email over the next few weeks.



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