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T.H. Bell Community Council Meeting

November 8, 2012    5:30 PM    Office Conference Room



Council members in attendance: Jodi Brown, Robin Merrill, Al Ladeau, Karen Roylance, Patty Camp, Curt VandenBosch, Curt Hancock, Kim Clarke

Others attending: Leslie Wadsworth-Smith, Cindy Midgley

  • Forms submitted update

- These required forms have all been successfully submitted to the State

    • Committee Form
    • Principal Assurance Form
    • 2011-2012 Final Report
  • No FUN party

Details of our 1st quarter "No FUN" party were explained to the Council

  • "My School's Cool" program

Future plans and ideas for the "My School's Cool" (MSC) program were discussed

  • DVD 
    • "Earning for Education"
    • "Touch the Future"

The Council watched these two videos.

  • Technology

Students helping with website

The proposal to create a class or club to have students help keep the school's website updated was discussed.  Upon investigation, Curt VandenBosch found out that the district's policy does not allow students to have direct access to the website (as website administrators). Along those same lines of having students use technology we discussed the possibility of having students make videos and presentations for display on the school's TVs in the cafeteria and lobby.  There are already several avenues in which students could apply such skills.

  • Applications for grants

Four applications were submitted.  A summary of the proposals and decisions of the Council is a follows:


  • A Mimio Interactive board and pad for $799.00 and $319.00 respectively was proposed by Monique Benard and Jenny Duke.  It was approved.
  • 8 Android Tablets for $1,600.00 was also approved with a stipulation that the tablets would be available to all teachers and not just the two individuals who proposed it.
  • A classroom set of 30-35 calculators for $12.97 each was applied for by Cindy Wallace. It was approved with the discretion as to how many to purchase to be decided by the possible packages available.
  • A purchase of eBooks at $200.00 for the school's Kindle was applied for by Leslie Wadsworth-Smith and approved.
  • The purchase of Novels for $225.00 was proposed by the English Department.  This was approved.


The Council was informed that the school's counselors recently met with the counselors from Bonneville High School and South Ogden Junior High to coordinate and collaborate on schedules, procedures and plans that pertain to the Comprehensive Guidance program.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM


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