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801-452-4600  |  165 W. 5100 S., Washington Terrace, UT 84405

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Bell NAL 2019
Question Round Team Presentation Round Team
 Cade Bushman (9th)  Brenna Hansen (9th)
 Jarrett Dillingham (9th)  Lydia Taylor (9th)
 Will Jacobson (9th)  Sadie Rasmussen (8th)
 Jaden Moss (9th)  Brailey Keller (8th)
 Farrah Bowthorpe (8th)   Bernie Nelson (8th)
 Chole Chen (8th)  Dallin Woodbury (8th) 
 Dantley Doutre (8th)  Adam Field (7th) 
 Taylor Keller (8th)      
 Matthew Ludlow (8th)
 Lucas Staten (8th)  
 Phil Tran  (8th)  
 Eliza Waters  (8th)  
 Spiers Fonnesbeck  (7th)  

Red Shirts:

Sarah Nguyen (7th) & Bailey Hyde (7th)



Ben Graves (9th) & Troy Littlefield (8th)



Coaches: Ms. Nielson, and Mr. Sherman



2019 NAL Schedule
Day  Date  Game
Tuesday October 29  Roy @ TH Bell 
Friday  November 1 TH Bell @ Rocky Mountain 
Tuesday November 5 Orion @ TH Bell
Friday November 8 TH Bell @ North Ogden
Tuesday November 12 Wahlquist @ TH Bell
Friday November 15 Bye 
Tuesday November 19 TH Bell @ South Ogden
Friday November 22 Snowcrest @ TH Bell
Tuesday November 26 TH Bell @ Sand Ridge

 Playoff Games - Thursday December 5.  Championship Game - Tuesday December 10 - 3:30 PM

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