Welcome to the Health and Physical Education Department!

Department Head

Masters of Education: Utah State University

Bachelor of Arts: Weber State University

Certifications: Secondary Education

Endorsements: Health, P.E., Special Education Mild/Moderate K-12

Years in Education: 28

Years at T.H. Bell: 28

Mr. Porter http://blog.wsd.net/gporter/                                        Health/Science/Math Teacher

Mr Wilson

Bachelor of Science: Utah State University

Certification: Secondary Education

Endorsements: Physical Education, Health

Years in Education: 27

Years at T.H. Bell: 17

Mr. Wilson http://blog.wsd.net/kwilson/                                       Health/PE Teacher


 Mrs Sears



Masters of Education: Weber State University

Bachelors of Science:  Weber State University

Certification: Elementary Education 1 - 8

Endorsements: Math, Physical Education*

Years in Education: 4

Years at T.H. Bell: 1st

*In Progress

 Mrs. Sears  PE Teacher