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Phone Numbers

Main Office - 801-452-4600
Attendence - 801-452-4603
Counseling - 801-452-4615
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Needs Assessment Surveys

Parents and Students:

Please take a few moments to share your opinion with us via this short survey on the surveys linked to this page. 
T.H. Bell Jr.  High School Counseling Center is in the process of evaluating their Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program (CCGP). This evaluation is required every three years. An important part of this process is your opinion. The information gathered will help our counseling team make decisions on student needs based on the opinion of students, parents, and the faculty. Please help us to know what is important to you and what services you would like to see at T.H. Bell Jr. High as part of the CCGP. We appreciate you taking a few minutes of your time to complete our Needs Assessment Survey. The data gathered will be reported to the State Office of Education for effective school improvement.

You need a total of 27.0 credits to graduate high school.

You receive .25 credits per class, per quarter.

You can earn up to 2.0 credits per quarter (You will earn 1.75 credits per quarter if you have release time class – a.k.a Seminary).

If a student receives an F, NM or NC grade for any class (required or elective), your credit WILL HAVE TO BE MADE UP! (Talk to your counselor about make up options ASAP.)

Credits are calculated from 9 – 12 grades.

Graduation Core Requirements:

Computer Technology 0.50

Career Technology (CTE) 1.00

Fine Arts 1.50

Financial Literacy 0.50

Health II 0.50

English 4.0

Math (I, II, III) 3.0

Physical Education 1.0

PE Fit 4 Life (no substitutions) 0.50

Science (in at least 2 different areas) 3.0

Geography 0.50

US Government/Citizenship 0.50

US History 1.0

World Civilizations 1.0

Electives 8.5


Additional Requirements:

College Athletes: 16 core requirements for Division 1 –

2 years of the same Foreign Language: Required to go to U of U and Regent’s Scholarship, recommended for BYU.


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