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Minutemen Softball 2018 -2019

The Girl's softball clinic will be held the week before school begins, Monday August 13  through Friday August 17.  It will be held on the Bell softball field beginning at 8:00 am. 

The cost of the clinic is $30.00.  This includes a leather bracelet awarded to each participant.  Please pay at the office. 

A clinic release form must be signed and returned prior to clinic participation.  You can get one from the main office or printed from the following form. 


  1. T. H. Bell Softball Release Form

The clinic will run from Monday, August 13 through Friday, August 17. The clinic will be a combination of skill instruction and mental learning of the game. Lessons will include hitting, fielding, catching and throwing, proper warm-up and stretching, base running, situational thinking, bunt defense, etc. The clinic will be conducted on the T. H. Bell softball field.  You will need to provide your own ball glove and cleats.

This clinic is designed to help players of all ages and skill abilities to learn the game the right way. Attending the clinic is not a pre-requisite to trying out for the softball team.  But, if you are interested, try-outs are Tuesday, August 21 after school.

            The cost of the clinic is $30 with the payment made at the office.  Bring Coach Wilson your receipt.  A leather softball bracelet is included in the cost.  You are also required to return this release form prior to the clinic with all information filled out.

Player Name: (Print) ____________________________________

Player Signature: _______________________________________

Parent Signature: _______________________________________

Emergency Phone #: ____________________________________

Alternate Emergency Contact:

            Name: ___________________________________________

            Phone #: _________________________________________

  1. I hereby recognize and acknowledge that participation in recreational activities may involve bodily injury to my child and others. In consideration of my child being permitted to participate in this clinic, I hereby voluntarily and knowingly execute this release with the intent of binding myself, the above named minor, and any others having an interest, and do hereby expressly release, waive and discharge all liability or claims therefore resulting from my child’s participation in the above clinic.
  2. I hereby consent to my child’s participation in this clinic, including transportation, as appropriate, and do further authorize the T. H. Bell and clinic staff to act on my behalf in accordance to their best judgment in the case of an emergency and do agree to assume full responsibility for all medical expenses that may arise there from.
  3. By signing this document, I acknowledge that I have read its contents and disclosures, that I understand them, and that I agree to the terms hereof. I further acknowledge that this release is intended to be broad and as inclusive as may be permitted by the laws of the State of Utah, and that if any portion here from is found to be invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall continue in full force and effect.

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2018 2019 softball


T. H. Bell Girl's Softball Disclosure Statement


         Congratulations to your daughter for making the Bell Softball team. This letter is intended to educate the parent and team member of the requirements and sacrifices needed to represent your school in an extra-curricular team sport. Most of all, it is my intention to convey to parents and team member the theme that junior high athletics is a training ground for development of physical skills, team concept, and character. School and education should always be more important than any extra-curricular activity. It is a privilege to participate in a team sport and represent your school.

            Each team member is expected to honor the rules and regulations outlined in their student handbook, the WSD and THB code of conduct forms, including the District Hazing Policy. Any violation or action that would disgrace the school, team, or team member could result in a disciplinary action or dismissal from the team.

            Practices will be on school days only, from 3:05 to 5:05 pm. Players should be ready for parent pick up around 5:30 pm. A schedule of the games and their times is listed on the back. If a player is unable to attend a practice or game, they are required to inform Coach Wilson as soon as possible before the date of absence. You can call him at the school (801-452-4600), at home (801-775-8251), or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

            There are financial obligations associated with playing school athletics. There is a required district participation fee of $65.00. Bats, catcher's gear, balls, and uniforms are provided. The girls will need to supply their own cleats, gloves, sliding pads, etc.   In addition, the girls are required to purchase game socks. The socks can be purchased from the school at a cost of $5.00. The cost of a Bell backpack string bag is $10.00 for a player or a parent. If you would like to purchase a Bell visor, the cost is $11.00. All fees are paid for at the front office. Bring your receipt to coach Wilson to claim your socks, bag, or visor. A player cannot participate in a game until all fees are paid. If you qualify for a financial fee waiver (participation fee only), make arrangements through our office and they will inform the coach. We are asking each player to participate in a fundraiser to help pay for team expenses. We offer a Papa Murphy’s discount card. The cost is $10. 

Each team member will be issued a team uniform and will be responsible for the cleaning and care of the uniform. The only time the uniform is to be worn is during a game. The player will be financially responsible for the loss of or damage to the uniform. Please follow the washing directions on the label of the uniform. 

            Student athletes must also sign and return various forms, including: proof of insurance coverage (insurance can be obtained through the school), a current physical examination (within the last year), emergency medical information, WSD code of conduct, THB athletic contract, head injury form, and the verification of this Softball disclosure before they are allowed to play in a game. A physical examination can be obtained from your personal doctor or from JAG Services in the school TBA at a cost of $10.00. Please make this payment at the time of the examination to JAG Services, not T. H. Bell. 

            During games and practices, players are to remain with their team. At no time is a player allowed to leave the dugout to sit with parents or friends. Parents and friends are not allowed in team dug-outs, team discussions, or on the playing field. If you have questions or want to discuss a topic, it must be done before or after a game or practice. Coach’s decisions are made with the best interests of the team in mind. Your help and cooperation is greatly appreciated. We are hoping for a great year full of personal growth, success, and fun. 

                                                Thanks for your support,    

                                                                                        Kevin Wilson                                                                                                                                                      T. H. Bell Junior High 

Girl's Softball Coach

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Bus Policy:  When a player rides a bus to a game, they are required to ride the bus back to the school.  If you want to take your daughter home after an away game, write a note and have it approved by Mr. Ward the morning before the game.  Have the player give the note to Coach Wilson.  Thanks









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