Minutemen Baseball 2017 - 2018

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Bell Baseball 2017

Mason Bowthorpe       Sid Canlas                     Dillan DeGroot

Payton Freer                 Zach Henstra                Cameron Jones

Ryan Richards               Blayden McDaniel       



Hayden Burton             Izaiah Garcia                 Josh Hansen

Tayden Maisey             Cade Morris                  Justin Parkhurst

Aiden Taylor                 Mason Rathburn



Jakobie Brown              Jaxon Bronson

Jaiden Gallegos            Carson Jones


Congratulations. Immediately after school, we will issue lockers and uniforms. Seniority on uniform issue ( 9th, 8th, then 7th grade ).  Then we will dress out for practice.  Please be on time.

Time to focus, we have 7 practices before our first game on the 23rd.

There will be a parent/player  meeting Thursday March 16 @ 5:30 pm in room 10 W.  Please attend.


2017 Baseball Schedule

Date Game
Thursday        23 March                          South Ogden @ Bell
Tuesday        28 March Bell @ Snowcrest
Thursday       30 March Sand Ridge @ Bell
Tuesday       11 April                          Bell @ Roy
Tuesday     18 April Rocky Mountain @ Bell
Thursday    20 April Bell @ Orion
Tuesday   25 April North @ Bell
Thursday   27 April Bell @ Wahlquist
Tuesday         2 May bye

Playoff games: May 5 and May 11

All regular season games begin at 3:00 PM


 T. H. Bell Baseball Parent's Letter

     Congratulations to your son for making the Bell baseball team. This letter is intended to educate the parent and team member of the requirements and sacrifices needed to represent their school in an extra-curricular team sport. Most of all, it is my intention to convey to the parent and team member the theme that junior high athletics is a training ground for development of physical skills, team concept, and character. School and education should always be more important than any extra-curricular activity. It is a privilege to participate in a team sport and represent your school.

     Each team member is expected to honor the rules and regulations outlined in their student handbook, including the Weber District Hazing Policy. Any violation or action that would disgrace the school, team, or team member could result in a disciplinary action or dismissal from the team. Grade and citizenship requirements are also listed in the student handbook. Problems in the classroom during the season may also merit disciplinary actions.

     Practices will be on school days only, from 3:05 to 5:05 pm. You will receive a schedule of the games and a team roster. If a player is unable to attend a practice or a game, they are required to inform Coach Wilson as soon as possible before the date of absence. Try to schedule appointments at times other than practice time. You can use e-mail or call him on his cell (801-682-3452) or at home (801-775-8251). E-mail is an excellent way to inform me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

     There are financial obligations that accompany playing school athletics. There is a required district participation fee of $65.00 (unless you qualify for a fee waiver). Catcher's gear, balls, bats, and uniforms are provided. Player's are responsible to launder and care for their uniform. Players are to wear the uniform only during games. The player will be financially responsible for the loss of or damage to the uniform. Please follow the washing directions on the label of the uniform. The boys will need to supply their own cleats, gloves, etc. In addition, the boys are required to purchase a team baseball hat and red/white 2 in1 game socks. The socks can be purchased from the school at a cost of $5.00 per pair and the hats will cost $18.00 (no fee waiver allowed for socks and hat).   The hats are identical to last year’s hat and need not be purchased if you have one already. Baseball sleeve shirts can be purchased at a cost of $15.00. Team sport bottles are also available for $6.00. All fees are to be paid at the front office. Bring your receipt to coach Wilson to claim your socks, hat, or shirt. A player cannot participate in a game until all fees are paid. If you qualify for a financial waiver, our office will inform the coach.

     Each player is asked to help the program move forward. Maintenance of the field is performed by the players. Each player is asked to participate in a fund raiser. The player will be asked to sell Papa Murphy Pizza discount cards. The cards will sell for $10 each. This is a win-win fundraiser for the program and for the person that purchases the card. The card will sell itself. The money will be used to purchase new equipment, uniforms, etc., as needed.

     Student athletes must also return forms verifying proof of insurance coverage, a current physical examination (current within the last year), emergency medical information, and a standards contract and a disclosure for this letter before they are allowed to play in a game. A physical examination can be obtained from your personal doctor, or may be offered through the school. JAG Services will offer physical examinations at the school for a cost of $10 on Monday, March 20th after school. Make the checks payable to JAG Services. Try to schedule them early before the first game. You must have all forms returned and your physical before you can dress or play in a game.

     Team pictures will be taken TBA. A packet will be sent home listing packet options and prices.

     During games and practices, players are to remain with their team. At no time is a player allowed to leave the dugout to sit with parents or friends. Parents and friends are not allowed in team dugouts, team discussions, or on the playing field. We teach our philosophy, so conflicting parent coaching can be detrimental. If you have questions or want to discuss a topic, it must be done before or after a game or practice. Coach's decisions are made with the best interest of the team in mind. Your help and cooperation is greatly appreciated. We are hoping for a year full of personal growth, success, and fun.

                                                Thanks for your support,

                                                Kevin Wilson

                                                T. H. Bell Junior High

Bus Policy: When a player rides a bus to a game, they are required to ride the bus back to the school. If you want to take your son home after an away game, write a note and have it approved by Principal Ward the morning before the game. Have the player give the note to Coach Wilson. Thanks