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T. H. Bell NAL team to Play in the National Championship!

Watch a live feed of the NAL Championship Game Friday at 12:30 p.m!

!!! Directions on how to watch the Championship Game LIVE!  !!!


  3/14/16    The T.H. Bell National Academic League team has had much success this year.  In the 2016 National Tourney,  they have advanced from the elite 8 where they won over Millcreek Jr. High in the Davis School District, to the semi-finals where they won against a school in Baltimore, Maryland.  


In this semi-final, they played Roland Park out of Baltimore.  The score was close through the 3rd quarter and then Bell won the contest in the 4th quarter known as the one-on-one round.  This 4th quarter is  a fast paced "speed round" of questioning.   T.H. Bell NAL came out on top with a 58-53 score to advance to the National Championship.


            2015-2016 T. H. Bell National Academic League Team

The games have 4 rounds of competition:  

  • 1st Quarter - The Roundabout - Players use strategy to keep possession of a sequence of short-answer questions.
  • 2nd Quarter - Teamwork - Players learn teamwork as they huddle to answer a complex question in one minute.
  • 3rd Quarter - Problem Solving - Players take on real-world problems &  present solutions to the problem. Teams earn points on organization, content, critical thinking, & presentation.
  • 4th Quarter - One-on-One - Players join in a fast-paced one-on-one speed contest.

This Friday, they face Hanes Magnet School out of Winston-Salem North Carolina in the National Academic League National Championship.

Coaches Claudette Nielsen and Karen Roylance are tremendously proud of their team’s dedication to preparation and attention to strategy during the games. Our team thanks our great leaders at the district, our school administrators, and our most ardent supporters – our parents. We are thrilled to be able to participate in such a challenging and fun academic sport.